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Who Is Jennifer Brown’s Business Partner? What Had Happened to Her?

Want to know more about the business partner of Jennifer Brown? To be more specific, he was linked to the case before the murder took place. Well, that also caused problems, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

What went wrong? People still don’t know about that person, who was charged for his bad behavior and was Jennifer Brown’s business partner.

Well, news about the murder of Jennifer Brown has been in the news since January 2023. Who was she, though? Jennifer, a businesswoman from Pennsylvania, was being talked about. She really was a great person who worked very hard.

Jennifer Brown also put money into Birdie’s Kitchen, the restaurant owned by her business partner. In January 2023, just a few days after she went missing, that was about to be opened. She was also the mother of a son who was 8 years old.

Surprisingly, Jennifer Brown was probably the person who saw his mother die. He didn’t see that, but he was the only one who told the police about the clues.

Can you even think about how he must have felt? It was pathetic for him to even talk about what he saw and what really happened. Every child, no matter how old they are, feels like they have been cursed when they lose their mother.

Now, the question is: Who killed her? In this case, Jennifer Brown’s business partner has been accused and charged with the same thing. But what does he go by? If you want to know who Jennifer Brown’s business partner is and what the fuss is all about, here’s what we know.

Jennifer Brown’s Business Partner: What Had Happened to Her?

Blair Watts is the name of the business partner of Jennifer Brown.

What did happen? Jennifer Brown forgot to pick up her son from the school bus at the start of January 2023, more specifically on January 3.

Because of this, Blair Watts picked him up and took him to his place. Blair reportedly told the kid that his mother was at the grocery store when he asked about her. After that, he had to go back to his place to spend the night.

Who Is Jennifer Brown’s Business Partner?

In the meantime, the real case took place. Blair Watts, who works with Jennifer Brown, drove the kid to Brown’s house, but Brown was already in the car. What did Blair do?

The kid saw him go home, and when he got back, he was holding Jennifer’s cell phone. When the police looked more closely, they were shocked to find human bones in both the house and the car.

In this case, Christopher Mandracchia was hired by Blair Watts, who is Jennifer Brown’s business partner. He is said to have said that his client did nothing wrong and had nothing to do with Jennifer’s death.

One surprising thing to mention is that $17,000 was spent in cash the day before Jennifer went missing. So, what makes this so crazy? Well, it was put into the account that her business partner, Blair Watts, was in charge of.

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We’re not done yet, no. On that same day, January 4, Jennifer was still missing, so Blair Watts went to the property owners and told them he had enough money for a security deposit.

That was also a shock! Now, if you’re wondering about the property, it was the one where he was about to open the restaurant. It was a rip-off! Don’t you agree?

Blair Watts said, “Just because I was the last person to see her doesn’t mean anything.” He was talking about Jennifer Brown. Also, it seemed like he tricked the police by calling them on his own to break the windows and save his friend.

We’re not sure if this was a trick or not, though! Blair Watts, who works with Jennifer Brown in business, has been arrested, as was said. Jennifer’s soul should be at peace. We’re sorry for the child’s loss. Yes, it hurts to know that his mother died way too soon and for no reason.

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