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Who is Jackie Chan Wife?

Jackie Chan Wife

Jackie Chan is a famous actor, martial artist, and director who is known for his amazing stunts and movies with lots of action. Behind every great man, though, is a great woman. Jackie Chan’s great woman is his wife, Joan Lin.

Joan Lin’s Early Life and Career

In 1953, Joan Lin was born in Taiwan. She started acting in the 1970s and quickly became one of Taiwan and Hong Kong’s most popular actors. She was the main character in a number of famous movies, such as “The Lizard” and “A Girl Called Tigress.”

In 1982, Joan Lin stopped acting so she could spend more time with her family. Around this time, she met Jackie Chan, who was a well-known star in Hong Kong at the time.

How Did Joan Lin and Jackie Chan Met?

Joan Lin and Jackie Chan met while making the 1981 movie “The Heroine.” They met through a friend they both knew, and they liked each other right away. But Jackie didn’t fall in love at first sight. In fact, he was turned off at first by how quiet and shy Joan was.

But as they got to know each other better, Jackie started to see how Joan was a very special person in many ways. He liked how smart she was, how graceful she was, and how much she cared about other people. He also liked that she supported him and understood how hard his job was.

Marriage and Family Life

In 1982, Jackie and Joan got married in Los Angeles. They had a small wedding with just a few close friends and family members. The two of them went on to have a boy named Jaycee Chan and a daughter named Etta Ng.

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Joan Lin has always been a loving mother and wife. She helped Jackie all the way through his work and was always there for him when his fame went up and down. When Jackie got hurt while filming “Armour of God,” Joan ran to his side and stayed with him while he got better.

In 1998, when their son Jaycee was caught with drugs, Jackie and Joan were in a very bad situation. Joan was heartbroken when she heard the news, but she stood by her son through the whole thing. She also apologized to Jaycee in public and promised to help him get better.


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