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Is Yassine Stein Dating? Who Is That Beautiful Girl?

Want to find out who Yassine Stein is going out with? Yes, we’re talking about the HAYAT rapper, whose relationship is making news right now. A few months ago, he was seen with a suspicious-looking famous person who seems to be his girlfriend. Before we talk about that, let’s take a quick look at how well-known Yassine Stein is in the industry.

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Yassine Stein

Yassine Stein is a professional and a great rapper from the very beginning. He hails from Casablanca, Morocco. Yassine is only 26 years old, according to what has been said about him. He is also known as a French director and as a member of L’Odre Collectif. Well, Yassine seems to be a very private person, so not much is known about him.

Yassine Stein has put out a few songs, like Marrakesh Butter, 2021, SIDI COURTOIS, and Skit il. All of these songs are really good. Most people know about the rapper because of his new girlfriend.

When it came to Yassine Stein’s personal life, he seemed to have always kept quiet. But now that he was seen walking down the street with his love interest, he couldn’t keep it a secret. But the question is, who has actually managed to win his heart? If you want to know who Yassine Stein is dating, here is what we know.


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Is Yassine Stein Dating?

Yassine Stein may be dating Lily-Rose Depp, according to what he says about his girlfriend. Who isn’t familiar with her? Lily-Rose is Johnny Depp’s daughter. For those who don’t know, Johnny Depp is a famous actor. Aside from that, she made a name for herself by following in her father’s footsteps and becoming an actress.


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Some of her best-known roles are in The Dancer, The King, Voyagers, A Faithful Man, and other hit movies and TV shows. You’ll be glad to hear that Yassine Stein’s girlfriend is working on a few projects, such as The Idol and Nosferatu.

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When Did They Start Dating?

Yassine Stein and Lily-Rose Depp were seen walking around hand in hand in September 2022. To be more specific, they were walking around New York City.

But that wasn’t the only time. Well, it looks like Yassine and Lily-Rose have been dating since the end of 2021. Someone took a picture of them kissing in a grocery store. That made people talk about them dating for the first time.

Yassine Stein and Lily-Rose Depp have not said anything official about their relationship. But they are still giving each of us hints.

Who would kiss in public or go on dates if they weren’t going out with someone? That wouldn’t happen. But Lily has been seen out with the young rapper more than once. Who waits for the official word these days, especially when their favorite celebrity is involved?

Yassine Stein and Lily-Rose Depp, who is said to be his new girlfriend, don’t seem to be able to stay apart. The couple seems to be very serious based on how they look.


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Since they are both pretty young, they are more focused on their careers and seem to be working hard to get where they want to go. It doesn’t smell like a wedding. Well, though, it’s clear. We can’t think that will happen so soon because it doesn’t make sense.

Yassine and Lily seem to be getting to know each other better outside of their jobs. Before making any big decision, you have to do that. Lily-Rose Depp is said to like her boyfriend Yassine’s rap music and style a lot. That’s a good idea!

We hope the best for Yassine Stein in the days to come. This is only the start of his music career. We can’t wait for Yassine’s next album to come out in the fall. On the other hand, we hope that Yassine and Lily-Rose will soon say that they are dating. You could add people to Yassine’s Instagram account.

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