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Is Will Best Gay? The Big Brother Presenter Opens Up About His Sexuality

Is Will Best Gay? With his charm and business sense, Will Best is an English TV host who has been a known face on TV for years. Best has shown that he is versatile in the entertainment business by hosting a wide range of shows on famous channels such as Channel 4, ITV, and the BBC, including well-known ones like T4 on the Beach and Dance Dance Dance.

Besides being charming on screen, he has also tried his hand at writing by contributing pieces to the Huffington Post. That being said, the latest talk about him isn’t about his work, but about his personal life, especially his sexuality.

Since it was announced that he will be co-hosting the ITV2 version of Big Brother with AJ Odudu, people have been interested in his sexual orientation.

In this piece, we look into the question of whether or not Will Best is gay. We separate fact from speculation to show you the real story of the personal life of this famous TV personality.

Who is Will Best?

John William Trevorian Andrew Stuart Bes is an English businessman and TV host. Best has been the host of many shows for Channel 4, ITV, and the BBC, such as Dance Dance Dance and T4 on the Beach.

Besides that, he has written things for the HuffPost. In 2023, Best and AJ Odudu were named to be co-hosts of the ITV2 revival of Big Brother.

A Career

Best’s first job as a host was on Viva in 2010 as co-host of the comedy music chat show Suck My Pop with Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh.

Is Will Best Gay?

Best was one of the hosts on T4 from 2011 to 2012. In the same year, he took over as host of the 4Music music show The Crush from Rick Edwards and did the dating show Love Shaft on E4. He was also the host of Got to Dance: Auditions Uncut, a show that was based on the dancing program Got to Dance and The Gleekly.

Is Will Best Gay?

Will Best is not gay. To put an end to the reports once and for all, it’s important to stress that there is no solid proof that Will Best is gay.

People are thinking these things because of his recent photo shoot for Revamp magazine. His style may have been linked to stereotypical gay fashion in that picture.

But it’s important to remember that a person’s sexuality should never be linked to the clothes they wear. The list of dates that Will Best has been on speaks for itself.

Any questions about his sexuality are further put to rest by the fact that he has only dated women in the past and is currently seeing his girlfriend. Since this is the case, it is safe to say that the reports about him being gay are not true.

Who is Will Dating Right Now?

Will Best has been dating Tobi Rose for a long time and plans to stay with her. Their long-lasting love and dedication to each other are clear from the fact that they have been together for 12 years.

Is Will Best Gay?

Will spent March 4th of this year on Instagram writing a sweet message to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary. Under the picture, he wrote:

“12 years ago today I met this truly one in a 7.88 billion human being. She was even my first ever insta post. Is she the love of my life? Yes, and if you scroll down, you’ll see that she’s also incredibly true to her word.

Aside from their strong relationship, the couple also loves and cares for their dog, Sandwich. They love him so much that he has his own Instagram account.

The couple wants to keep their relationship quiet, so there isn’t much known about Tobi. She has kept her Instagram account secret, which adds to the mystery of her relationship.


Will Best, an English TV host, has been a versatile figure in the entertainment industry, hosting shows on Channel 4, ITV, and the BBC. He has also written for the Huffington Post. However, recent speculation about his sexual orientation has raised questions about his sexuality.

Best is not gay, as there is no solid proof of his sexuality. He has only dated women in the past and is currently dating his girlfriend, Tobi Rose. They have been together for 12 years and have a dog named Sandwich.

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