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Is Whitney Houston Mom Still Alive?

Want to know if Whitney Houston’s mother is still alive? Find out the answer to this question and more about the family background and legacy of Whitney Houston.

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Is Whitney Houston’s Mom Still Alive?

Whitney Houston was one of the most famous singers of all time, and her mother, Cissy Houston, was a big part of that. Cissy was a well-known church singer and backup singer.

She also taught Whitney how to sing and was her mentor. But in recent years, Cissy Houston’s health has been a source of worry, and many people have asked if she is still alive.

Cissy Houston is still living, which is good news. But in the last few years, there have been rumours about her health. In 2012, it was said that Cissy Houston was in the early stages of dementia, a condition that affects a person’s memory, thinking, and behaviour.

Dementia can be hard on both the person who has it and the people who care about them because it can cause confusion, uncertainty, and mood swings.

Even though she was told she had cancer, Cissy Houston has continued to be a part of her community. She has been getting help for her illness, and her family has given her the support and care she needs.

Is Whitney Houston Mom Still Alive?

Cissy has also kept working in the music business, going to shows and putting out new songs.

You can’t say enough about how much Cissy Houston has done for the music business. Her strong voice and musical ability have inspired and affected many musicians over the years, and she is still a well-liked figure in the field.

She also had a big effect on Whitney Houston’s life and work, and her advice and guidance were a big part of how Whitney’s music style and sound turned out.

Cissy Houston is still alive, and in recent years she has been getting help for her memory. Even though she was diagnosed with cancer, she has stayed involved in her community and continues to inspire and affect musicians through her music and mentoring. She will always be known as one of the best gospel singers ever.

Whitney Houston’s Mom’s Death Rumour

There have been rumours going around on social media about the death of gospel star Cissy Houston, who was the mother of the late Whitney Houston. A gospel artist named Earnest Pugh posted that Cissy Houston had died, which started the rumours. Later, though, the post was taken down, and it came out that Cissy Houston is still alive.

Cissy Houston is a well-known church singer, and Dionne Warwick, who is also a well-known singer, is her aunt. Warwick went on Twitter to say that Cissy is still here and that people should stop sharing false information. She also told Pugh to stay out of other people’s lives and get his own.

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Kim Burrell, a gospel singer, and friend of the Houston family, also said that Cissy Houston is alive and well. Burrell asked people to stop bothering Cissy and let her live her life in peace.

The lies about Cissy Houston’s death show how dangerous social media can be and how fast fake information can spread. Before telling someone else something, it’s important to make sure it’s true, especially if it has to do with the health or well-being of a public figure.

In this case, we can all be glad that Cissy Houston is still alive and that her family and friends put an end to the lies.

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