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Is Tia Mowry Pregnant? Who is Tia Mowry’s Husband?

Mowry is the proud mother of two children. However, some social media users have speculated that the celebrity may be pregnant again. Here is a glimpse of the truth!

On June 28, 2011, the ‘Sister, sister’ actress gave birth to her eldest son, Cree Hardrict. On May 5, 2018, Tia gave birth to her second child, a daughter. She has been vocal about her parenting practices. Tia has additionally shared some of her parenting advice with her followers.

Is Tia Mowry Pregnant?

No, Tia is not pregnant. She has been quite public about not having a third child. Tia disclosed in an interview with US Weekly that quarantine had influenced her decision.

She stated, “I no longer require counseling to determine the fate of my third child.” No to no I was so befuddled previously. I had no idea what I desired. One minute I thought yes, and the next I thought no. But isolation has made me understand how healthy I am.”

Tia also revealed how she dealt with her children during the lockdown. “It’s like Groundhog Day,” she said. After Cree leaves for school, I’ll let the children use their iPads. I’m not the type of mother who would prohibit iPads during a quarantine. What else are you planning on doing?”

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She said, “After lunch, I’ll lay Cairo down for an approximately two-hour nap. Occasionally, I nap with her. Then, I begin my nighttime routine. After preparing dinner, feeding the children, and bathing them, I retire to bed and the cycle begins again.”


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Who is Tia Mowry’s Husband?

Tia’s spouse is Cory Hardrict. Before getting married in 2018, the couple dated for a considerable amount of time. The actress described how she and her husband took their relationship slowly.

She stated, “We courted for approximately one year. It was not just him and I on our dates; there were others present. A year passed before our first kiss. The couple celebrated 20 years of marriage in 2020.

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Tia acknowledged that their relationship has endured for so long because they support one another in all endeavors. She stated, “We do not assign gender roles to our marriage or relationship. If I’m working a lot and Cory is home, he will put Cree to bed and wash the dishes if they need to be done. So it’s not like, “Oh, I’ll wait until my wife gets home and she’ll take care of everything.”

What is Tia Mowry’s Net Worth?

As of January 2022, Ah has established a network valued at over $2 million. He became wealthy by starring in various films and television shows. Known as a product for children. Ender has been performing for over three decades in “Mart Guy.” She has also performed in various films as an actress. We have published a number of singles, including “Future Funk.”

ah Sowery displayed his abilities at an early age. She is still relatively young and has a substantial social media following, which attests to his appeal. He has worked with numerous well-known figures and hosted television programs.

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