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Is There a Season 3 of Paris Murders: Cast, Plot and How Many Seasons Are There ?

More than 7.5 million people tuned in each week to keep up with the newest developments in the cold case drama during Unforgotten season 4 in 2021. After Nicola Walker’s Cassie Stuart’s heartbreaking death in the season 4 finale, fans were afraid that writer Chris Lang had put an end to the show.

There is good news, however: Unforgotten will return in early 2023 for a fifth season, this time with a new investigator leading the Bishop Street unsolved crime squad and a new, faraway location.

Who Will Replace Cassie Stuart?

Initially, it was speculated that one of the series regulars, such as Fran Lingley (Carolina Main), Murray Boulting (Jordan Long), or Jake Collier (Lewis Reeves), might be promoted to the position of DI Sunny Khan’s “Partner in Crime.”

Is There a Season 3 of Paris Murders

Sunny’s new colleague will not only be a fresh face, but she will also be her boss, a DCI who will change up the dynamic of the squad as she creates a new collaboration with Sunny. This was verified by Lang in an interview with PBS Masterpiece.

“All I can tell is that it’s a lady, and she’s very different from Cassie.” Her life is in a very different place now. She’s a lot younger than you are. “She’s back in charge,” he says. Sinéad Keenan, a BAFTA-nominated actress, will portray DCI Jessica James in the next ITV drama. As filming began on March 14, Lang tweeted the news.

The Unforgotten team is “extremely happy” to have Keenan on board, Keenan stated in a statement.
Sanjeev Bhaskar, who is both bright and stunningly beautiful, leads an exceptional cast. If all goes well, who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to see inside Sunny’s bag!”

The Identity of Sinéad Keenan Is Unknown

Sinéad Keenan will play DCI Jessica James in the upcoming fifth season of Unforgotten. It was her roles as Cillian Murphy’s on-screen girlfriend in Sunburn and as Fair City soap opera character Farrah Phelan that first brought Dublin-born actress Keenan international attention.

Before starring in the supernatural thriller Being Human as werewolf Nina in 2009, Keenan starred in two of David Tennant’s final two episodes of Dr Who as Kelly Hawkins in ITV’s 2008 comedy-drama Moving Wallpaper.

Theresa (shown above) will participate in the critically acclaimed BBC One drama Three Families next year after appearing as Melanie Jones in 2017’s Little Boy Blue, which earned her a BAFTA nomination for her depiction of Melanie Jones, the murdered 11-year-old Rhys Jones’ mother.

Season 5 of Unforgotten Is All About What?

Bhaskar said in an interview with Radio Times that there wasn’t much of a time difference between seasons 4 and 5.
“The story will resume shortly after the conclusion of the last one,” he remarked. There is a link between that narrative and this one.

After Cassie’s death, Chris Lang hinted that we will see more of Sunny’s private life. Sunny’s girlfriend Sal (Michelle Bonnard), to whom the detective proposed in the penultimate episode of season 4, should get some extra screen time.

I think we’re going to learn a lot more about her,” Lang told Masterpiece on PBS.

It is amazing to see how much the audience responds to the personal things of your two heroes. There is a tale there, and I intend to tell it anyhow.

When Will the Fifth and Final Season of ITV’s Unforgotten Premiere?

A tweet from a Paris site marked the completion of production for season 5, which began in March 2022 and wrapped up in June.

Is There a Season 3 of Paris Murders

We’ll see the fruits of his labour and meet DCI Jessica James in early 2023, he wrote in a message that read “see you all on the other side of post-production in January”.

Where Will Unforgotten Season 5 Be Filmed?

Before, Cassie and Sunny would travel across the United Kingdom to solve their cold cases, whether it was to see the families of the victims or to track down suspects who had moved away from London for good. There have been episodes set in places like Cambridge and the Peak District in Season 4, as well as Liverpool, Brighton and the New Forest in Seasons 1 through 3.

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A new season of Unforgotten sees the Bishop Street team (Sunny in particular) leave the United Kingdom and head to the streets of Paris. On the 13th of June, Lang posted a photo to Twitter taken at one of Paris’ most recognisable subway stops.

The Cast of Unforgotten Season 5

  • He’s known as DI Sanjeev Bhaskar. Sunny Khan, the author
  • In the role of DCI, Sinéad Keenan goes by the name Jessica “Jessie.” James
  • Plays Jay Rhys Yates
  • Plays Bele by Martina Laird
  • Plays by Ian McElhinney Tony
  • Plays by Max Rinehart Plays by Karol Hayley Mills Emma
  • Player’s Name: Jordan Long Position: DS Boulting, Murray
  • Reeves, Lewis: The DC Comics Jake Collier is the author.
  • Gamer’s Name: Carolina Lingley, Fran
  • In the role of Dr. Georgia Mackenzie Balcombe, Leanne
  • In the role of DC, Pippa Nixon is Karen Willetts.
  • As a sidekick to Sal, Michelle Bonnard Unforgotten season 5 guest actors Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunny Khan and Sinéad Keenan as DCI Jessica ‘Jessie’ James have been announced.

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As Jay, they’re joined by Rhys Yates (The Outlaws, Silent Witness), Martina Laird (Summerland, The Bay), Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones, Derry Girls), Karol (Miss You Already’s Max Rinehart), Tony (Ian McElhinney), and Bele (Martina Laird). Tony’s wife Emma will be played by veteran actress Hayley Mills.

When Khan and James discover the body and begin their investigation, their characters appear to be completely linked.

Who Sings the Title Song to Unforgotten?

It was Nicola Walker (Last Tango in Halifax, The Split) who played DCI Cassie Stuart in the first four seasons of the show, opposite Bhaskar (Yesterday, Goodness Gracious Me).

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Alastair Mackenzie, Carolina Main, Lewis Reeves, and Jordan Long were also frequent cast members. Peter Egan appeared in Downton Abbey (Prime Suspect 1973).


Yes, Netflix announced You season 4 before the third season even aired, but it does not indicate that the production for the same has finished. For the time being, we know that some of the shows will be recorded in Paris.

Is There a Season 3 of Paris Murders

The show could be published by the end of 2022 if this foreign schedule is taken into consideration. The show could still premiere in early 2023 due to delays in production because of an international filming schedule.

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