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Is Sonia Kruger Married? Get the Latest Updates

Is Sonia Kruger Married

Learn about Sonia Kruger, who is a well-known Australian TV host and media figure who is not married at the moment. Find out how old she is, how she raised her daughter, and how she became successful in the entertainment business.
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Is Sonia Kruger Married?

Sonia Kruger is an Australian TV host and media star. She has only been married once. In 2002, she married James Davies, a banker who was born in Britain. But there were problems in their marriage, and in 2008, after six years together, they chose to split up.

When Sonia Kruger met Craig McPherson, it was the start of a new part of her life. Her marriage had just ended. Craig, who was an executive producer for the show “Today Tonight,” became her partner and gave her new support and company.

As Sonia and Craig’s friendship grew, they talked about wanting to start a family together. They had a hard time getting pregnant and had several sad miscarriages along the way. Even though they were going through hard times emotionally, the pair kept trying to have a child.

When Sonia Kruger told the happy news that she was pregnant in August 2014, their hard work paid off. She got pregnant with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and an egg from a stranger. In 2015, the couple’s long-awaited daughter came into the world. This was a big and happy event in their lives.

Sonia Kruger’s personal life has had its ups and downs, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a TV star. She loves the love and happiness she has with her husband Craig, and they both love being parents.

Sonia Kruger Husband

In January 2003, well-known Australian TV host Sonia Kruger married a British banker named James Davies. The couple chose to have a small, private wedding where they said their vows to each other and started their life together as husband and wife. During their six-year marriage, they seemed to be a happy, committed couple who shared both happy and hard times.

But as time went on, Sonia and James had problems in their marriage, and finally, things got so bad that they couldn’t stay together.

In 2008, they made the hard choice to stop being together and go their own ways. Even though they tried hard to get back together, it became clear that their differences were too big to overcome. This led to the end of their marriage.

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Even though Sonia Kruger and James Davies’ marriage is over, there is no question that they spent a big part of their lives together. Their private ceremony was the start of what seemed like a good trip. After six years, their paths went in different directions, but each person kept working on their own goals, leaving behind memories of a chapter full of love, challenges, and personal growth.

Sonia Kruger Partner

Craig McPherson is Sonia Kruger’s partner right now. He is the Director of News and Public Affairs for Seven Network. As an experienced media executive, Craig plays a big part in making sure that the Seven Network, one of Australia’s most popular TV networks, has good news and public affairs material.

Craig McPherson has had a long and successful career in the media business. His knowledge and leadership have helped shape the network’s news coverage and public affairs programming. He is probably in charge of managing news teams, making editorial decisions, and making sure that viewers get correct and timely news.

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Having a partner in the same field as her could help Sonia understand the demands and difficulties of working in the media in a way that no one else could. Since they both work in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of television programming, they may become closer because they have something in common.

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