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Is Sarah Shahi Pregnant?

Is Sarah Shahi pregnant? Sarah Shahi is a well-known actress who used to be a model. She started her acting career by playing Carmen in The L Word and then got the role of Kate Reed in the legal drama Fairly Legal. Shahi later had a recurring role on the Showtime show City on a Hill.

Sarah Shahi got a lot of attention and success after she and Adam Demos and Margaret Odette starred in the Netflix show Sex/Life. The show has been very popular with viewers.

Now that the second season is here, Shahi talked about how it’s all about timing and how Billie and Brad go in different directions before they meet up again in the season finale. Fans are hoping for a third season, even though the second season ended with a big reveal.

Sarah Shahi, who plays the show’s star, hasn’t said anything to confirm this, but she has said that if they get a chance to come back, there are so many other things they could do.

The decision, she said, is up to the lovely Netflix subscribers. Fans have been waiting eagerly to hear if season 3 will be made. Let’s find out if Sarah Shahi is expecting a baby.

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Is Sarah Shahi Pregnant?

Sarah Shahi might be pregnant, but it hasn’t been confirmed. She already has three kids with her ex-husband, Steve Howey, whom she is very proud of. The actress once said that people had a hard time telling her apart from her TV character, Billie Connelly, who has been played as a bored housewife.

Things got so bad that the actress had to put on a disguise to pick up her kids from school. Shahi joked about how she had become the face of unhappy women who were married.

The actress said that at 7-year-old birthday parties, she felt like Dr. Ruth, who is busy giving advice on love and relationships.


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Even though her real-life character is sometimes hard to figure out, the actress said she is thankful for every “beautiful” moment she has with a fan who related to her character. Billie got her happy ending in the second season when she married Brad and told everyone at their wedding that she was pregnant.

Is Sarah Shahi Married?

Steve Howey was Sarah Shahi’s husband before. In 2004, Shahi appeared on an episode of Reba as a guest star. Even though no one knows when they started dating, they got engaged in Hawaii in 2007 and got married in February 2009 in Las Vegas. Check out a little bit of this fun interview with the co-stars who are now a real-life couple.


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But their journey as a married couple came to an end when they split up in 2020. They said they were thankful for the ten years they spent together and were proud of the children they raised.

Sarah Shahi and her co-star Demos have since moved on. The actress said that Demos caught her eye the first time she saw him on set and that she was really impressed by him.

She also said that they hit it off right away. Shahi also said that the two liked the same kinds of music, whisky, and tequila. The actress said that Demos as a person just blew her away.

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Sarah Shahi Talks About Her Role In Sex/Life

Sarah Shahi once talked about her role in the popular Netflix show and said that her breakthrough role in Sex/Life was important to her for many reasons. Shahi talked about how the show was more than just a gig and how it changed the way her life was going.


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While talking about it, the actress said that the show helped her find her truth and broke open parts of her heart that she had kept hidden for a long time.

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