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Is Rakhi Sawant In Jail? More Details on Rakhi Arrest News!

Rakhi Sawant is an Indian dancer, model, actress, and talk show host. She has been in several Hindi films and a few Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Telugu, and Tamil films.
She took part in the first season of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss in 2006, and in Bigg Boss 14, she was a challenger and a finalist. Sawant has become known in Bollywood as a sex symbol.
Sawant created the Rashtriya Aam Party, which is led by Jai Shah, to run for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But after the election, she joined the Republican Party of India.

Is Rakhi Sawant In Jail? Why Was She Arrested?

Amboli Police picked up Rakhi Sawant on January 19 in the case of Sherlyn Chopra (Thursday). This person recently said on Twitter that the news was true.
On January 19, Amboli police caught Rakhi (Thursday). Rakhi was going to open the dance studio she started with her husband Adil today at 3 p.m.
Sherlyn wrote on Twitter, “BREAKING NEWS!!!” to confirm that Rakhi had been arrested. The Amboli police have arrested Rakhish Sawant because of FIR 883/2022.
Rakhish Sawant’s ABA 1870/2022 was turned down by the Mumbai Sessions Court.
Rakhi and Sherlyn got into a fight after Sherlyn said that Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan had sexually harassed her.
Rakhi and Sherlyn got into a fight after Sherlyn said that Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan had sexually harassed her.
Sherlyn didn’t like the fact that Rakhi was seen siding with Sajid. After that, the two famous people each filed an FIR against the other for using offensive language.
Based on Sherlyn’s complaint, the Mumbai Police said that an FIR was filed against Rakhi and lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt.

More Details on Rakhi Sawant Arrest News

Rakhi Sawant was arrested after getting married to their boyfriend Adil Durrani, which made the news.


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Sherlyn Chopra went on Twitter to say that Rakhi, the new dog, had been taken into police custody and was being held.
After Rakhi filed a complaint against Sherlyn, she said that Sherlyn had said in her video that Rakhi had changed boyfriends.
She said that Sherlyn had said bad things about her and used bad language.
Later, when she talked to the media, Rakhi said, “I’m sorry that what she said about me has made my life so hard.
My most recent boyfriend asked me if Sherlyn is telling the truth and if I have ten boyfriends because of her. She just said whatever she wanted in the news, and now I’m paying for it.”
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Personal Life of Rakhi Swant

Sawant got married to an NRI man named Ritesh in 2019, but they split up in early 2022. In May 2022, she got married to Adil Khan Durrani, her boyfriend of a few months.
In November 2018, during The Great Khali’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment show, American female wrestler Rebel danced against Sawant.
Rebel picked her up and put her on her back with a bear hug. Sawant hurt her back, and she blacked out. She was taken to a nearby hospital.
On April 4, 2017, she said things about Rishi Valmiki that got her into trouble with the Punjab Police.
Sawant got into trouble when rumors spread that she had become a Muslim after marrying her boyfriend Adil Durrani. Some people said that she had changed her name to Rakhi Sawant Fatima.
Adil, on the other hand, said no at first, but after a few weeks, he agreed to marry Rakhi.

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