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Is Paolo Fox Gay? Does Astrologer Have Moglie Or Fidanzato?

Paolo Volpi is known as Paolo Fox in the music world. He is an Italian journalist, astrologer, and TV show host.

He has been on TV for years talking about people’s zodiac signs and fates. Over the course of his career, the talented astrologer has gained a large number of fans.

Even though he hasn’t always been right when he reads, he has often been right. Also, everyone has always loved him because he is so simple and has a great education.

People want to know more about what kind of person famous Paolo is. There have also been a lot of rumors about his personal life. Is the astrologer gay, then?

Is Paolo Fox Gay? Does Astrologer Have Moglie Or Fidanzato?

Even when the cameras aren’t on, Paolo Fox is very private and quiet about his personal life. His sexuality has been a mystery because of this.

We don’t know if Paolo Fox is gay or not because of this. But online, the rumor has been going around for a long time that the astrologer is gay.

But the 61-year-old has never been overwhelmed by it. Instead, he has always kept everything a mystery.

It seems like he doesn’t care much about what people say about him and would rather keep his private life out of the spotlight. Let’s hope he’s having the best time of his life.

Furthermore, Paolo doesn’t seem to use social media. At least he doesn’t spell his name with it.

Since the TV star stays out of the public eye, there isn’t much information about him, such as his family, parents, and way of life, so we don’t know much about him.

In the end, it’s still not clear what Paolo Fox’s sexual orientation is. Whether or not the astrologer is gay, we hope that his fans won’t care and will continue to love and support their favorite astrologer in the days to come.

Paolo Fox Career Detail

Paolo Fox has been learning about the stars since he was 16 years old. On February 5, 1961, the astrologer was born.

Since 1997, the TV star has been making horoscopes for the Lattemiele radio station. He has also been on Rai Radio 1, Rai Radio 2, and Radio DeeJay radio shows.

With his new way of explaining horoscopes and astrology, he started making appearances on Per Tutta la vita, which is Italy’s national TV show.

In Bocca al Lupo, he had a lot of success. Since 2007, he has been on several Rai 1 and Rai 2 shows on a regular basis.

Since 1998, he has been the main guest on RAI shows in late December that talk about what the stars say about the coming year.

Since the early 2000s, Fox has written his horoscopes for Italian national magazines. He has also written a number of best-selling books about the stars.

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Paolo Fox’s Net Worth Explored

Paolo Fox is one of the best astrologers in both Italy and the rest of the world. He has also been working in the field for several decades.

Because of this, Paolo Fox’s net worth must be quite high. Comparably says that the average salary for an astrologer is $32,880 per year.

But Fox is famous all over the world, so he must make more than average. Paolo’s book sales, TV shows, and radio shows must make up a big part of his wealth.

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