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Is One of Brothers Osborne Gay? The Story of T.J.’s Coming Out and John’s Support

Is One of Brothers Osborne Gay? Brothers Osborne is an American country music band from Deale, Maryland. Since signing with EMI Records Nashville in 2012, they’ve been making waves in the music business.

They have many hits, such as “Stay a Little Longer,” “It Ain’t My Fault,” “Shoot Me Straight,” and “All Night.” T.J. Osborne sings lead and plays rhythm guitar, and John Osborne plays lead guitar and sings backup vocals. Both play lead guitar.

They are loved by country music fans because of how good they are at playing music and how good Jay Joyce is at producing. Since they’ve won awards recently, like the Best Local Duo of the Year CMA, people are also interested in their personal lives.

A big question that everyone has is whether one of the Brothers Osborne is gay. We want to find out the truth about this interest and show you a more personal side of these talented musicians in this piece.

Is One of Brothers Osborne Gay?

Yes, T.J. Osborne of the Brothers Osborne duo came out as gay in public. This was a big deal and an important time in country music history.

Is One of Brothers Osborne Gay?

With this news, he became the first openly gay country music singer signed to a major label, which is a big change for the genre. Their trip up to this point has been an inspiration, and it even had a direct effect on one of their songs, “Younger Me.”

T.J. Osborne told the world the truth in a story that came out in February 2021 in TIME Magazine. When asked about his coming out, T.J. said:

“I’m very comfortable being gay. I find myself being guarded for not wanting to talk about something that I personally don’t have a problem with. “That seems so odd.”

His willingness to be open is part of a larger trend in country music, which is to accept differences. The industry is also going through a change in the power dynamics between radio and digital streaming, which is changing the way pop country stars are made.

T.J. Osborne is now in the same group as openly gay country artists like Brandi Carlile (Grammy-winning singer-songwriter), Orville Peck, Lil Nas X, Chely Wright, and Billy Gilman. All of these artists have gained a lot of fans and praise in the country music scene.

Who is T. J. Osborne Dating Now?

Abi Ventura is T.J. Osborne’s boyfriend, and the two have been together for more than two years. The couple looked stunning on the red carpet at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Their style and obvious chemistry made everyone look twice.

Is One of Brothers Osborne Gay?
In November 2021, T.J. won Vocal Duo of the Year at the CMA Awards. That was the start of their relationship. As the night went on, they shared a kiss, which was the start of their beautiful relationship.

Fans got a sneak peek into their love story when T.J. posted their very first picture together on his Instagram story, even though they promised to keep their relationship a secret.

The two people in the picture looked easily cool because they were both wearing leather jackets and black jeans that matched. When T.J. put his arm around Abi, they both smiled, which showed how happy they were to be together.

Abi stays out of the public eye on social media and doesn’t have any verified accounts, but this sweet picture shows how much these two love each other.



Brothers Osborne, an American country music band, has gained popularity for their hits and production. T.J. Osborne, the first openly gay country music singer signed to a major label, has expressed his comfort with being gay.

His openness is part of a larger trend in country music, accepting differences and changing power dynamics between radio and digital streaming. Osborne is currently dating Abi Ventura, who won Vocal Duo of the Year at the CMA Awards in November 2021.

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