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Is Maura Higgins Dating? Delving into the Relationship Rumors and Reality

Who does Maura Higgins like? Yes, Maura Higgins is seeing Bobby Holland Hanton, who is Chris Hemsworth’s action double.
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Is Maura Higgins Dating?

Yes, Maura Higgins is seeing Bobby Holland Hanton at the moment. The Hollywood stunt double for Chris Hemsworth, Bobby, has been seen spending loving time with the Love Island star. The first time the two were linked was in May when they were seen leaving a popular spot in London together. Then, during a trip to Ibiza, they were captured being affectionate with each other, which brought more attention to their relationship.

Maura moved to Fiji. She is known for her time on Love Island and her job as the social media spokeswoman for Love Island USA. Bobby lives in London, has a large number of followers on Instagram, and has done stunt work for a number of well-known stars. Rachel Hunter, Bobby’s ex-wife, is said to be happy about his new relationship with Maura. The divorce between them was settled the year before.

Who is Maura Higgins Dating?

Maura Higgins is dating Bobby Holland Hanton. Higgins used to be on Love Island and is now a social media star. Bobby is known for being Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double, and he has been seen having romantic times with Maura in Fiji, where she recently moved.

Is Maura Higgins Dating?

Even though Maura hasn’t stated that they’re dating, the news got out when they were seen leaving the Chiltern Firehouse in London together and then photographed having intimate moments while on vacation in Ibiza. Bobby used to be married to a hairdresser named Rachel Hunter, but they got a divorce.

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Fans are interested in Maura’s growing relationship with Bobby Holland Hanton because she continues to keep her dating life pretty private.

Maura Higgins Dating History

Curtis Pritchard 2019-2020:

Maura’s journey on Love Island took a surprising turn when she started dating Curtis Pritchard in 2019. Many people were surprised by how quickly they fell in love since Curtis is more quiet and Maura is more outspoken. Even though they came in fourth place on the show, they broke up a few months after leaving the house.

Chris Taylor 2020–2021:

After Maura left Love Island, Chris Taylor, another islander, caught her eye. In November 2020, they told their friends and followers on social media about their relationship. But their relationship didn’t last, and after a few months, they broke up. As they went their different ways, they said they respected each other and remained friends.

Antonio Pernice In 2021,

Maura started a steady relationship with Giovanni Pernice, who was a fan favorite on Strictly Come Dancing. In July, they said they were dating and posted pictures of themselves on social media. But things changed, and after four months, they broke up. This was a short but memorable part of Maura’s dating experience.

Joey Essex Joey Essex In October 2022,

Maura and former TOWIE star Joey Essex were seen kissing and leaving an event together. This made people think they were dating. Even though the relationship got a lot of attention, the romance seemed to fizzle out, and the two were rarely seen together after that.

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Bobby Holland Hanton 2023–Now:

Maura’s most recent relationship is with action double Bobby Holland Hanton, who works with actor Chris Hemsworth. The first time the two were linked was in May 2023, when they were seen in London. Since then, their relationship has gotten stronger. They’ve gone on trips together and posted things on social media that show they’re getting closer.

Maura Higgins Boyfriend 2023

In 2023, the news is full of stories about Maura Higgins and Bobby Holland Hanton’s friendship. Higgins is an attractive Irish TV personality and a former contestant on Love Island. Bobby is a Hollywood stunt double who has worked with big names like Chris Hemsworth. He has been seen in a lot of pictures and social media posts with Maura, which has made people curious and curious.

The couple has become even more well-known thanks to the beautiful pictures they took on vacation in Fiji and the public shows of affection they made while on vacation in Ibiza. Maura’s relationship with Bobby comes after a string of high-profile relationships, including one with Giovanni Pernice from Strictly Come Dancing.

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Bobby’s past as a stuntman and the happy times they’ve had together suggest they have a strong connection. This has made people interested in their relationships. In 2023, Maura is still enjoying her roles as a TV star and social media influencer, and her relationship with Bobby adds another layer of interest to her already interesting public image.

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