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Is Lisa Hochstein’s Boyfriend Revealed? Get the Scoop Here!

Lisa Hochstein and her boyfriend, Jody Glidden, have made their relationship official on Instagram. Find out what’s going on with this new couple and how their relationship is growing.
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Lisa Hochstein About

Lisa Hochstein is a Canadian-American actress, model, socialite, and reality star. The Real Housewives of Miami from 2011 to 2013 made her famous.

Lisa began modeling in the US aged 18. She was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1982. Her beauty and talent landed her in Playboy, Maxim, and FHM. She acted in Eden and Femme Fatales.

Lisa married Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein in a grandiose ceremony at their Sunset Island estate in 2009. In 2015, their surrogate-born son, Logan Marc Hochstein, brought them joy despite infertility. In 2019, they adopted Elle Marie Hochstein.

After 13 years of marriage, Lisa and Lenny Hochstein divorced in 2022, resulting in legal battles over assets and child custody. Lisa fell for Introhive co-founder and CEO Jody Glidden after her divorce. In July 2023, they revealed their relationship on Instagram. They’ve been adventuring together.

Lisa Hochstein is a fitness influencer outside of TV. Her skincare company, Lisa Hochstein Beauty, and workout app, Lisa’s World, have been popular. She has over 1 million Instagram followers and 30k YouTube subscribers.

Lisa advocates animal welfare, environmental protection, and women’s empowerment outside of the entertainment industry. Her activism and philanthropy give her a multifaceted personality that is respected and liked.

Is Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend?

On Instagram, Jody Glidden and Lisa Hochstein made it clear that they were dating. In a sweet picture taken on July 23, the couple smiled and held each other. Lisa’s comment said, “My love,” had a heart emoji, and Jody’s Instagram name.

In the comments, Real Housewives of Miami’s Adriana de Moura and Dr. Nicole Martin backed the couple, and Marysol Patton said, “I TOLD YOU!!!!”

“I’ll always have your back,” Jody told her. “I love you, baby.” He shared the same picture on Instagram, thinking about how much they had grown and looking forward to their future.

In February 2023, Lisa thanked Jody for helping her. She praised Jody, the co-founder, and CEO of Introhive, for how kind he was. Lisa likes that Jody wants to help her be the best person she can be.

During RHOM Season 5, Lisa and Dr. Lenny Hochstein broke up because of a hot mic episode. Since then, Lisa and Jody’s love story has grown, and they’re excited about what the future holds.

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The fifth season of The Real Housewives of Miami started on July 5. It airs every Wednesday and is about Lisa’s life. Peacock shows and tells about Lisa’s life.

Who is Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend?

Lisa Hochstein, a well-known reality TV star, is in love with the businessman Jody Glidden. Jody is a co-founder of the software company Introhive. He is well-known in the software business for his success and has held executive positions at well-known companies like Eloqua and Oracle.

Lisa found love and support in Jody after she split up with her ex-husband, Lenny Hochstein. The two have been very open about their relationship on social media and in interviews. At different events, they have been seen showing love in public, which shows how close they are.

Is Lisa Hochstein Boyfriend

Jody is not only a great businessman, but he is also a devoted father to his three children, which shows how caring and nurturing he is. He is always by Lisa’s side, cheering her on in her reality TV job and going to important events with her.

The way they share pictures and sweet words on social media shows how much they care about each other. Lisa said in a recent interview that they are working on fixing up their house in Miami and that they hope to start a family together in the future.

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In the world of reality TV, Jody Glidden and Lisa Hochstein are a popular couple, and their strong connection and support for each other keep their fans interested.

Did Lisa Hochstein Say Her Ex-Husband Lenny Evicted Her Mother?

Lisa Hochstein’s mother is now involved in her divorce from Lenny Hochstein. The Real Housewives of Miami star’s nasty divorce is harming their family.

Since meeting Katharina Mazepa, Lenny’s conduct has been odd. Lenny has accused Lisa of financial exploitation and their romance. Lenny is now accused of evicting Lisa’s mother.

Lisa’s mother and aunt watched her and Lenny’s children at home while she vacationed with her new lover. Lenny and Katharina arrived unexpectedly. Lisa’s mother disapproved of Katharina’s clothes without knowing her daughter’s style.

Lisa said Lenny and Katharina yelled at her mother for her uninvited opinion. Lenny apparently told her mother to leave the residence immediately, despite Lisa’s legal right to stay until September.

Lisa’s representative was disappointed that Lenny is disobeying the court and exposing the children to such turmoil. The youngsters are sad.

Lenny claimed that Lisa wanted her mother and aunt to stay at the house while she was away, and he agreed as long as they were respectful. After being yelled at, he asked Lisa’s aunt to leave.

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Police allegedly removed Lisa’s mother and aunt from the house. Lisa lamented the incident on Instagram.

After September, Lisa and Lenny hope to end their arduous divorce proceedings.


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