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Is Lala Kent Still Married? A Look into Her Relationship Status

Is Lala Kent Still Married

Is Lala Kent already taken? Lala Kent is not married right now. From 2018 to 2021, she was engaged to the movie director Randall Emmett, but they broke up in October 2021. Ocean, their girl, was born in March 2021.
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Is Lala Kent Still Married?

Lala Kent is not married, that’s a no. From 2018 to 2021, she was engaged to movie director Randall Emmett, but they broke up in October 2021. Ocean, the couple’s baby, was born in March 2021.

Lala Kent, whose real name is Lauren Elyse Burningham, is an American reality TV star and author. She became famous in 2015 when she joined the cast of the reality show “Vanderpump Rules” on Bravo. Kent’s fame grew after she started appearing on reality TV, but her personal life has also been in the news.

Kent had been seeing Randell Emmett for a long time and was even engaged to him at one point. Fans and the media kept a close eye on their relationship. But in 2021, they chose to break up, which meant that their engagement was over.

Aside from her turns on “Vanderpump Rules,” Kent has also acted in movies like “Dudes & Dragons,” “The Row,” “American Dresser,” “Vault,” “Hard Kill,” “Spree,” and “The Sinners.”

She also became more well-known on TV by appearing on shows like “You” and “The Hills: New Beginnings.” Kent was also good at music. She was in a music video for the band Kaskade, and she also started a career as a musician. She has put out several songs and EPs that show how talented she is.

As far as I know, Lala Kent is not married as of September 2021. In 2021, she and Randell Emmett broke up. Please keep in mind that my information might be out of date. For the most up-to-date information on Lala Kent’s marital situation, I recommend checking with current sources.

Lala Kent’s Ex-Husband

Randall Emmett and Lala Kent were never married. From 2018 to 2021, they were going to get married, but they never did. Ocean, the couple’s baby, was born in March 2021. Lala Kent, who stars in “Vanderpump Rules,” has been honest about what she went through and how she felt during their relationship.

Kent joined the world of reality TV in 2014, but she kept her relationship with Emmett a secret. Before the fifth season of the show, no one knew about the couple’s relationship.

After being together for a few years, Emmett and Kent revealed in 2018 that they were getting married. But when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, it changed their wedding plans and caused the event to be put off. Ocean, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2021. This was a big step in their journey together.

But problems started to show when Kent deleted all of Emmett’s pictures from her social media accounts in October 2021. A month later, it was confirmed that they had broken up. According to sources, Lala Kent was the one who started the breakup, claiming a lack of trust as a major reason.

After the split, Kent was honest about what she thought and felt about it, which showed how she was healing and growing. She thought about how she changed during her time on “Vanderpump Rules,” and she talked about how she wasn’t sure if the show still fit with her life goals.

Kent was also disappointed that most of her castmates didn’t help her when she was going through a hard time.

Kent talked about the rumors that Emmett was cheating, and she talked about how she got over feeling like an afterthought in their relationship. She also talked about how she changed a tattoo she got for him to show that she was moving on.

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Through her podcast and public comments, Lala Kent has given people a glimpse into her emotional journey after her breakup, focusing on how she wants to protect her daughter and fight for her own growth and well-being. When Kent talks about her ex-husband Randall Emmett, her words show how strong, determined, and committed to personal growth she is.

Lala Kent Child

On “Vanderpump Rules,” Lala Kent and her ex-fiancé Randall Emmett joyfully welcomed Ocean in March 2021. Kent has documented her parenting journey with her fans, chronicling Ocean’s life milestones.

The reality actress revealed her pregnancy in September 2020, revealing that she was having her first child with Emmett, who has daughters London and Rylee.

Kent frankly expressed her enthusiasm on the podcast “Give Them Lala… With Randall,” saying, “I’m shaking right now because I can’t believe it’s true. I’m emotional.” However, her pregnancy proved difficult.

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At six weeks, she started bleeding, prompting medical attention. Kent announced on Instagram that she was bedridden due to a clot and bleeding. The growth and health of her baby girl were meticulously observed by her medical staff.

Kent’s doctors determined that her placenta caused her pregnancy difficulties. She attended regular medical appointments to protect her daughter.

The goal was to monitor the baby’s growth and take any required steps to deliver safely. Her baby’s growth and health could lead to an early delivery at 35–37 weeks.

Kent received encouraging notes from “Vanderpump Rules” cast members Brittany Cartwright and Kristen Doute when Ocean arrived.

Randy Emmett appreciated Kent’s bond with London and Rylee, her stepdaughters. He thanked Lala for her caring stepmothers and her closeness with them.

Unfortunately, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett divorced less than a year after Ocean’s birth, changing their family dynamics.

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In conclusion, Lala Kent’s motherhood with Ocean was full of joy and challenges. She expressed her delight and challenges during pregnancy to show her dedication to her daughter’s health. Although Kent and Emmett’s relationship changed, Ocean remains crucial to their past.

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