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Is Kelly Maxwell Married? Unraveling the Truth!

Kelly Maxwell: Is She Married? Find out more about Kelly Maxwell’s partner and whether or not she is married by looking at her personal life and sports accomplishments.
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Is Kelly Maxwell Married?

Kelly Maxwell has a husband and a wife. David Mendham, who is also a baseball player for Oklahoma State University like Kelly, is her husband. In October 2021, they got married.

Kelly Maxwell is a good softball player from Friendswood, Texas, and she is a Redshirt junior starter for Ohio State University. Throughout her work, she has won a lot of individual awards and praise.

Kelly and David are a strong sports power couple because they are both good at their own sports and support each other’s. Even though they have a lot going on with sports and school, the couple wants to adopt a child in the future.

Kelly’s family is very active in sports. Her parents, Mark and Susan Maxwell, and her brother, Cole, are all athletes. Kelly keeps getting better at softball and doing well in her Biochemistry classes. She also likes spending time with her husband, David, and building their life as a happy married couple.

Who is Kelly Maxwell Married To?

David Mendham is Mrs. Kelly Maxwell’s husband. Kelly and David are both good players who play for Oklahoma State University. Kelly is an American who plays softball and is from Friendswood, Texas. David is a Canadian who plays baseball and is from Ontario. They got married in October 2021, making them a big deal in the sports world.

Kelly’s work as a pitcher has been very successful, and he has won many awards and praise. In 2022, she went to Oklahoma State University and made a big difference on the team. In 2021, David played 54 games for South Carolina and started 52 of them. He then transferred to Oklahoma State University.

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Even though the couple is focused on sports and school, they want to adopt a child in the future. Kelly and David continue to help and encourage each other on their own paths because they both love sports and work hard at their jobs.

Who is Kelly Maxwell’s Husband?

David Mendham is married to Kelly Maxwell. He is a good baseball player for Oklahoma State University. David was born in 1999. He is from Ontario, Canada, and has made a name for himself as a major baseball player.

He learned how to play baseball by playing for South Carolina in junior college. During the 2021 season, he played in 54 games and started 52 of them. David is well-known in the world of college baseball because he has a strong background in sports.

Kelly Maxwell and David Mendham are a sports couple, but they are also friends who go through school together. They got married in October 2021 and have been together ever since, both on and off the field. As young players try to reach their goals, they support each other’s dreams and interests in sports.

Is Kelly Maxwell Married

The couple’s shared commitment to their sports jobs and studies has strengthened their relationship, making them a great team both on and off the field. Their love for sports and their plans for the future, which may include adopting a child soon, show how much they care about each other.

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Kelly is still doing well in softball at Oklahoma State University, and David is doing well in baseball. They are still each other’s biggest fans. Kelly Maxwell and David Mendham have a strong base for a lifelong relationship filled with love, accomplishments, and shared goals because they both love sports and were college athletes.

Kelly Maxwell ABout

Kelly Maxwell is a skilled American softball player who is known for how well she throws the ball. She is from Friendswood, Texas, and has made a big name for herself in sports, especially on the softball team at Ohio State University. Kelly’s dedication and hard work have earned her a number of notable awards, such as 2020 First-Team Academic All-Big 12 and 2021 NFCA First-Team All-Region. She is now a Redshirt junior.

She has also been named one of the top 10 finalists for the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year for 2022 and the co-pitcher of the Year for the Big 12 in 2022.

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Kelly’s skills and accomplishments in softball have earned her a lot of respect, and she continues to make a big difference on the field with her love and dedication to the sport.

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