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Is Katrina Gorry Married? Find Out Now!

Katrina Gorry: Is she married? Since she isn’t married yet, football player Katrina Gorry used social media to tell her teammate and fellow football player Clara Markstedt about their marriage.
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Katrina Gorry About

Katrina-Lee Gorry was born in Australia on August 13, 1992. She is a skilled defender who plays football. She plays for Brisbane Roar in the A-League right now, and she is also a well-known player on the Australian national team. Gorry has shown throughout her career that she has great skills and is dedicated to the sport. Because of this, she was named the prestigious 2014 Asia’s Footballer of the Year, a title that shows off her great skills and contributions to the game.

Katrina-Lee Gorry is a good football player, but she is also a good mother. She has a daughter called Harper. This part of her life shows how well she can balance her work and home life. It also shows how strong and resilient she is, both on and off the field.

Katrina-Lee Gorry is a well-respected professional soccer player from Australia. She is known for her skill as a midfielder and for making a big effect with Brisbane Roar and the Australian national team. Also, the fact that she was named Asia’s Footballer of the Year in 2014 and works hard to raise her daughter Harper shows how deep her character and achievements go.

Is Katrina Gorry Married?

Katrina Gorry is not married, the answer is. Katrina Gorry is, however, going to marry Clara Markstedt. The couple told Woman’s Day that they got engaged during a sweet weekend trip to Falkenberg, which is on the west coast of Sweden.

Katrina, who is 30, said that Clara was exactly the kind of person she wanted to be with. Clara, who is 33, laughed and said that Katrina said no at first because she was surprised, but then she happily said yes.

Is Katrina Gorry Married

Even though they haven’t made plans yet, they hope to get married on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays in 2025. Katrina said that they want the wedding to be traditional and beautiful, and she would love to have many of her Matilda friends (the Australian women’s national soccer team) there.

Is Katrina Gorry Engaged?

Katrina Gorry is, in fact, married. She plans to marry Clara Markstedt. During the engagement, they had a beautiful picnic by the water and played cards, and Clara showed them a movie of the last year they had spent together.

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She even wrote Katrina a letter, told her to close her eyes, and got down on one knee to propose. The couple wanted to follow Swedish custom, so Clara chose two bands for them that were made from her grandmother’s diamond rings.

Katrina Gorry Dating History

In late 2021, Katrina joined the Swedish team Vittsjo GIK, where Clara played as a striker. This was the start of their love story. They quickly became friends, and Clara even helped Katrina and her 23-month-old daughter Harper find a place to live. When Katrina’s mother went to Australia in May 2022, they went on their first real date.

Clara liked Katrina not only because she was a good partner, but also because she was a good mother to Harper. She said that she loved them both and thought they worked well together from the beginning. Katrina is getting ready for the Women’s World Cup while the rest of the family is in Australia.

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They are excited that Harper will be there to cheer for her because football is one of Harper’s favorite things. But the couple joked that there might be some tension if Australia plays Sweden in a knockout game since they are now part of the sports families of both countries.

Katrina Gorry Partner

Current partner Clara Markstedt. Just weeks before the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia, Matilda’s supermum Katrina Gorry engaged to her partner and teammate Clara Markstedt.

Gorry revealed the news in Sweden a day after scoring a goal in their match when she and Markstedt played the full 90 minutes for Vittsjo. “The best love stories never end,” Gorry exclaimed. YES.”

Markstedt wrote, “She said YES! I’m lucky. Vittsjo teammates since 2022, they started dating the year before.

Their Aussie Matildas teammates congratulated them. “STOP,” said Steph Catley. Charlotte Grant, who played with them in Vittsjo, remarked, “Congrats to my faves.”

Gorry had Harper in 2021 through solo IVF before moving to Sweden. She prioritized motherhood once the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed. She returned to play for Brisbane Roar four months after Harper’s birth and rejoined the Matildas.

Gorry and Harper’s lives improved greatly with Clara. Gorry said Harper loved Clara. Harper attended Gorry’s training and matches regularly.

Gorry unsuccessfully persuaded Markstedt to play in the A-League Women the previous summer. However, Gorry and Markstedt’s relationship flourished.

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Gorry left Sweden for Australia before the FIFA Women’s World Cup. They played a last friendly against France in Melbourne on July 14 before starting their competition against Ireland in Sydney six days later.


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