Is Kamala Harris ‘the most unpopular person in American politics now?

A recent poll from USA Today and Suffolk University suggested that the approval ratings of Vice President Kamala Harris fell to 28 per cent. This could be the reason why Sky News host Paul Murray went on to say that Kamala Harris is the “most unpopular person” in American politics right now. “But of course, we’re told the reason that she is so unpopular – racism,” Murray said. Earlier White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said people were targeting Ms Harris because she was the first woman of colour to become the vice president of the United States. “Or maybe people just don’t like her,” Murray suggested. The poll findings have not been very favorable to the Biden administration.

New low

President Joe Biden’s approval rating reached a new low of 38 per cent while the rating of Harris too dipped to 28%. A majority of respondents (51 per cent) said they disapprove of the job Harris is doing as vice president. Earlier, the former Vice President Dick Cheney was considered the most unpopular US vice president in polling history. He polled 30 per cent in Gallup’s tracking survey. The USA Today/Suffolk poll had a sample of 1,000 registered voters nationwide. However, Harris hit back at claims she is being misused as vice president. She said she doesn’t feel like she’s being underutilized by President Joe Biden and his team. “No. I don’t. I am very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished but I am also absolutely, absolutely clear-eyed that there is a lot more to do and we’re going to get it done,” she told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview. She also dismissed her low approval ratings. “Polls, they go up, they go down. But I think what is most important is that we remain consistent with what we need to do to deal with the issues that we’re presented with at this moment.”


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