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Is Justin Pearson Married?

Find out if Justin Pearson is married or not by reading this article all the way to the end. You’ll also learn a few other facts about him.

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Justin Pearson Tennessee

Justin Jamal Pearson is an African-American activist and politician who works in the Tennessee House of Representatives. He serves the 86th district, which includes parts of Memphis.

After Barbara Cooper died and was re-elected after her death in the 2022 election, he was chosen in a special election on January 24, 2023.

Pearson and Justin Jones, another state lawmaker, were kicked out of office on April 6, 2023, for protesting gun control in the state capitol, which Republicans called “disorderly behaviour.”

But the Shelby County Board of Commissioners unanimously reappointed him on April 12, 2023. Pearson was sworn in as a lawmaker in the Tennessee House of Representatives at the age of 28. At that time, he was the second youngest member in the state.

Is Justin Pearson Married?

Is Justin Pearson Married?

American lawmaker Justin Pearson was a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives until he was kicked out of that body recently. He was kicked out of the state legislature for taking part in a march about gun control with Justin Jones.

People say that Pearson is one of the youngest people in the Tennessee House of Representatives. In addition to his work, people are also very interested in his personal life, especially his relationships.

He is going to marry Oceana Gillian, but we don’t know much else about Pearson’s personal life.

Justin Pearson Wife

Justin Pearson is in the Tennessee House of Representatives, but he hasn’t gotten married yet. But he is going to marry Oceana Gillian, who is a big fan of his work. No one knows for sure when the two people met or when their relationship began.

Is Justin Pearson Married?


Still, it seems like they are very encouraging of each other’s work goals. Gillian was recently seen outside the statehouse with a flyer that said #PeoplePower.

The Tennessee Three have our support. No Throwing Out! Gillian also said what she thought about the statehouse’s choice. She said she thought Pearson and Jones would be kicked out and that they would keep fighting.

Pearson thanked his fiancee on Twitter for standing by him and fighting for justice against gun violence in their hurting neighbourhoods. There is no more word about the date or plans for the wedding. Still, we hope they have a happy life together.

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Is Justin Pearson a Preacher?

Justin Pearson, the representative for District 86, thought a lot about “Resurrection” after he was kicked out of the Tennessee House and asked to talk to the congregation of a Memphis church on Easter Sunday.

Pearson was asked to be a guest priest at Church of the River on April 9. He thanked “all of our loved ones who have travelled and wiped these tears from our eyes, lifted up my chin and also my heart.”

Pearson read Bible verses from Matthew 28 and asked the group to be kind to him during “this time of persecution.” Our freedom is at stake at this time.”


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