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Is John Ibrahim Still Alive?

Read the story below to find out if John Ibrahim is still alive. It has all the information you need about John Ibrahim, who used to own a nightclub in Kings Cross that was known for being dangerous.

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Who is John Ibrahim?

John Houssam Ibrahim was born on August 25, 1970. He used to own a nightclub in Kings Cross and is known for it. Police say he is a big figure in organized crime. In 1995, the Wood Royal Commission said that he was “the lifeblood of the drugs industry in Kings Cross.” Even so, Ibrahim says he had nothing to do with it, and he has never been convicted of a crime connected to it.

Ibrahim became a part-owner of the Tunnel Cabaret Lounge in Kings Cross when he was only 18 years old. He finally sold his 20% share of the club in 2001, and it became known as EP1. Even though the cops said it was a front for drug trafficking, their legal attempts to shut it down failed.

The club was sold to new owners in 2004, and they changed the name to Dragonfly. Later, Ibrahim bought it back. It was called “The Tunnel” before it was finally shut down for good. Reports say that Ibrahim has ties to at least 17 Kings Cross bars.

Is John Ibrahim Still Alive?

Is John Ibrahim Still Alive?

John Ibrahim is still living, that’s true. In his past life, he was tried for murder many times, but he always got away. He still remembers it, and many people are curious about how he got away.

John Ibrahim was born in a Muslim home to Sally Ibrahim and her husband Ibrahim. He was the second son out of four boys and two girls. At the age of 16, he saw Bill Bayeh’s brother get hurt by two other people.

Later, Ibrahim was stabbed in the chest with a large knife, leaving him with a big scar. He had so much damage to his lungs, liver, and bowels that he had to be rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney right away. He was then put into a coma for three weeks. He then spent six months in the hospital getting better.

Where is John Ibrahim Now?

At the young age of 26, Mr. Ibrahim was already known as one of the most powerful people in the Sydney bar business. But now he manages real estate investments in the Darlinghurst and inner-city areas. Since lockout rules were passed, it seems like he has stopped going to nightclubs altogether.

Is John Ibrahim Still Alive?

In April 2011, an incident involving NRL Roosters players Todd Carney and Anthony Watts led the NSW Government to start looking into whether Ibrahim’s Kings Cross Hotel, the Trademark, broke any rules about serving alcohol responsibly.

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After John Hopoate beat up a customer outside Trademark in December 2010, the investigation began. Since July 2009, there have been over 529 assaults at Trademark, near the event, or involving Trademark security staff.

As a result, the hours of Trademark have been cut, the number of people who can go there has been limited, and there are more security measures in place, such as metal scanner scans for customers. It’s a sharp reminder of how dangerous Ibrahim’s surroundings have been.

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