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Is Jessica Yates Pregnant?

We’re talking about the Fox Sports Australia host whose work in motorsports has always been in the news. Her fans are suddenly speculating about what’s going on in her life, which shows how interested they are. Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Jessica Yates is in the business.

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Jessica Yates

Jessica Yates mostly covers sports news and live sessions on the aforementioned network. She starts with the basics. She was born in 1984 in the city of Peterborough. So, Jessica is 39 years old right now. It is said that when she first started out, she worked for the Channel 7 network.

Jessica Yates has a huge number of fans because she has covered world surfing tours from Tahiti, Fiji, Portugal, and Bali for Fox Sports and FUEL TV. Jessica is also well-known as the face of Fox Sports V8 Supercars.

In her personal life, Jessica Yates is already a mother of two. We will talk more about that later. So, now we need to talk about who Jessica’s baby daddy is. You must be wondering why she is pregnant for the third time. Isn’t it? If you’re one of those fans who can’t wait to find out if Jessica Yates is pregnant or not, here’s what we know.


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Is Jessica Yates Pregnant?

No. Jessica Yates is not pregnant. In other words, we can say that as of March 2023, this Fox Sports Australia host is not going to have her third child. We don’t know what made her fans think this since there hasn’t been any proof.

In recent days, it seemed like Jessica Yates was very busy with her work as a sports presenter. Also, gaining weight or having a healthy attitude has been the most common sign of pregnancy. Also, Jessica doesn’t look any healthier than she did before.


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The most important thing is that being a mother has always been a joy. Since Jessica was already a mother, she would have posted something on social media, maybe even a hint that she was pregnant for the third time. But that’s not something Jessica Yates has done.

Jessica hasn’t said anything either about how she feels about having more children. So, we shouldn’t think she’ll be pregnant soon. But we don’t know what will happen next. You can’t predict what will happen. What about the husband of Jessica Yates?

Who is Jessica’s Husband?

Since 2011, this Fox Sports host has been married to her true love, Luke Egan. Qui est-il? Luke, on the other hand, surfs for a living. He was on the Association of Surfing Professionals Men’s World Tour, but you didn’t know it. Jessica has two kids with him: a girl named Isabella and a baby boy born in 2021.

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During her second pregnancy, Jessica told her husband how much she and he wanted a big family. She said, “This has been a long time coming. It took us a while to get here, so we’re thankful. We have always wanted a bigger family.”


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Everything is fine now. Both as a couple and as parents, Jessica Yates and Like Egan are doing great. Even though they have a busy life because of what they do for a living, their children have always come first. Jessica has always been clear that she wanted a big family. But there is no proof that she will have a third child. So, we can lie about it. People need to stop believing this fake news already.

We wish Jessica Yates the best for the rest of her life. Some of you might be a little sad to find out that the rumors about her being pregnant were not true. But it is like that. Make sure you’re following Jessica on Instagram so you can find out more.

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