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Is Jennie McAlpine Pregnant?

Want to know whether or not Jennie McAlpine is expecting? Yes, we’re talking about the Coronation Street actress who is in the news right now because spoilers about the show have been leaked. Fans are also wondering if Jennie is going to have a baby.

Well, she’s already a mom to two children. How about one more? Let’s talk briefly about how well-known Jennie McAlpine is before we talk more about it.

Jennie McAlpine

Jennie McAlpine is an amazing TV actress who is best known for playing Fiz Brown on the show Coronation Street. People also know her from Emmerdale, where she did a great job. You haven’t seen it, have you? Jennie was born in 1984 in Bury, which is in Greater Manchester. She is now 39 years old.

Since 1997, Jennie has been in many shows where she has done great things. You didn’t know it, but she was on the show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” 17th season.

She also did the voice for the game show “Supermarket Sweep.” Jennie McAlpine has a lot of skills and is also an entrepreneur. Annies are the name of the restaurant she owns in Manchester. It serves food from Britain.

Back to Jennie McAlpine’s pregnancy, it has been the most talked-about thing on the internet for the past few months.

Since we’ve already talked about her two kids, we should talk about who they belong to. We’ll talk about it after a while. If you want to know if Jennie McAlpine is having her third child, here’s what we know.

Is Jennie McAlpine Pregnant?

Yes. Yes, it’s true. Oh, really?

As of March 2023, Jennie McAlpine is with a child. In other words, this Coronation Street actress is eight months pregnant and will soon have her third child. Let’s take a moment to tell her how happy we are for her.

Is Jennie McAlpine Pregnant?

As was already said, Hilda (daughter) and Albert (son) are the names of Jennie’s other two children.

Who is the Father of Her Child?

Well, his name is Chris Farr, and in 2017 the actress married him. On the other hand, they have been dating since 2005. So, Jennie McAlpine and her husband, Chris Farr, seem to be getting along well. Now, you have to be wondering who he is. Chris is in charge of a restaurant.

Jennie McAlpine and Chris Farr are going to have their third child. This is now a fact. She is planning a name for their unborn child that comes from a soap opera, but you didn’t know that.

What about the name that sounds like soap? Can’t you connect that to the name of her daughter, Hilda? She got it from the late Jean Alexander, who played Hilda Ogden on the TV show “Corrie.” Even though she said she doesn’t know how to avoid it, she would do the same thing this time.

The actress also said that the four of them are “over the moon” about growing their family this year. Jennie also said, “The best Christmas present was the thought of adding to our family’s mix and chaos.” When she and Chris found out she was pregnant, they were on a camping trip with their two kids. It was a great time. How? She felt sick, so she took a pregnancy test, which showed that she was pregnant.

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Chris Farr and Jennie McAlpine seem very happy to be having their third child. She said that even though they were happy to hear the news, their children weren’t completely shocked.

Jennie McAlpine deserves all the best! She is thought to be on maternity leave, so we hope she is doing well. This is a very important time for her, and we hope that her family, especially Chris, is taking care of her well. Make sure to follow Jennie on social media so you can find out what she’s up to. How do you feel? Will Jennie have a baby girl or a baby boy this time?

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