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Is Jalen Hurts Married or Has a Girlfriend?

Are you wondering if Jalen Hurts is married or if he has a Girlfriend? Well, if you keep reading, you’ll find out about Jalen Hurts’s connection and learn more about him.

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Is Jalen Hurts Married or Has a Girlfriend?

Jalen Hurts is a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League (NFL). Jalen Hurts was not married, engaged, or in a meaningful relationship as far as the public knew in 2021. Jalen Hurts is a private guy who doesn’t like to talk about his personal life.

Because of this, not much is known about his dating life or any romantic ties he might have. It’s important to remember that Jalen Hurts is still pretty young, and he’s probably focused on his football job right now. As he keeps getting better and better as a player, he may also start to talk more about his personal life.

Is Jalen Hurts Married or Has a Girlfriend?

Is Jalen Hurts Married?

No, Jalen Hurts is not married, but it looks like he is dating Bryonna “Bry” Burrows at the moment. People say that they met at the University of Alabama and dated on and off before getting more serious.

Burrows was there when the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC Championship. He was on the field with Hurts when they were celebrating. Hurts told Essence about his personal life, including his connection with Burrows, in an interview.

He said that she was essential in his life. It’s important to note that this information could be out of date since the last thing I knew was in 2021 and ties can change over time. But based on what we know now, it looks like Jalen Hurts was dating Bryonna Burrows at the time.

Also, the report that Hurts signed a contract extension worth $255 million is false. As of 2021, he had not yet signed a contract extension with the Eagles.

Is Jalen Hurts Married or Has a Girlfriend?

Jalen Hurts Contract

In 2021, Jalen Hurts was still playing on his rookie deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. He had not yet signed a new contract with the team. His first contract was for four years and was worth $6.02 million. It came with a $1.94 million signing bonus.

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This week, the Eagles and Jalen Hurts agreed to a deal extension that will pay him $255 million over the next five years. This will change the quarterback market for the offseason of 2023.

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