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Is Hopper Dead Reddit? What Kind of Mental Disorder Does He Have?

Is Hopper Dead Reddit

Is Hopper Dead Reddit? We were left with some serious doubts after finishing the third season of “Stranger Things” in 2019 all the way back when. Like, why have Eleven’s abilities abandoned her? What’s the rat situation in Hawkins like these days? As for Max, she’ll have to explain Billy’s strange death to her mom and dad. But far more heartbreaking than that was the concern over whether or not Jim Hopper was still alive.

What Kind of Mental Disorder Does Hopper Have?

He told the Big Issue magazine, “My particular big issue is what society would term mental illness.” He has bipolar disorder.

At the age of 26, after an episode that required hospitalisation, I was given a diagnosis with bipolar disorder.

Is Hopper Dead Reddit?

On February 14th, Netflix released a dramatic teaser that proved Jim is still alive after all these years. (To be honest, we suspected he was still alive. The fact that he lost his hair was the true bombshell. The short video depicts him in Russia, working alongside fellow inmates while armed police look on.



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Why Does Hopper Usually Wear a Blue Bracelet?

After two seasons of wearing it, Hopper finally gave Eleven the bracelet from “Stranger Things,” and star David Harbour explained its significance. His daughter’s hair tie served as the bracelet. Harbour told INSIDER that the object “becomes something that is like a comfort blanket for him, a reminder for him.”

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Was Hoppers’ Death Confirmed?

However, the absence of a corpse eliminates any proof of death. Official confirmation that Hopper (David Harbour) was alive and working at a Russian labour camp in Kamchatka was provided by the Netflix show seven months after the series ended. If you could fill in the blanks, what would they be? Where did he hide?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Hopper Avoid Being Vaporised?

Some have speculated that Hopper jumped through the entrance to the Upside Down or discovered a hidden trapdoor to escape, but the true answer is far more straightforward. Hopper was able to avoid being killed by the laser machine’s detonation because he merely jumped off the platform it was on.

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Is Eleven Aware of Any Living Hoppers?

Hopper adopted and raised Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) like a daughter, but Eleven has no idea he is still alive. In the third season finale, she read a heartfelt speech that Hopper had prepared for her but never had the confidence to deliver.

When Hopper Finally Said Goodbye, What Did He Say?

To the extent that you can, make mistakes and recall the pain you felt as a result. Pain serves a useful purpose. That’s good news since it implies you’ve finally emerged from your underground hiding place. Your poor old dad would appreciate it if you could leave the door cracked open just a bit.


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