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Is Grimes Dating? Is Grimes Dating Chelsea Handler?

Who does Grimes like? We’ll find out what kind of relationship Canadian artist Grimes is in now and look into any possible romantic ties that might be affecting her life and work.
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Is Grimes Dating?

Grimes may or may not be dating someone right now, but there have been rumors that Elon Musk and Grimes are getting back together because they were seen spending time together in Italy with their boys. This public showing comes after they broke up in March 2022, which was a few months after their daughter, Exa Dark Siderael, was born through a surrogate.

These reports started when Elon Musk and Grimes were seen on camera sharing a meal and going for a walk together in Portofino. During the trip, Elon and his 17-year-old son Saxon, whom he has with his ex-girlfriend Justine Wilson, talked in a casual way. Grimes was seen walking with their 3-year-old son, X A-XII, outside the restaurant where Elon was eating.

During their trip to Europe, the singer wore a red dress with stylish side cutouts and long sleeves. She wore black boots, black sunglasses, and silver jewelry to match the rest of her outfit. Elon Musk, on the other hand, wore a dark green T-shirt with black pants for a more casual look.

Even though the ex-couple is on the same trip, they haven’t been caught together. A story from the Daily Mail, though, says that both Elon and Grimes are staying at the same hotel in Portofino right now. After their daughter was born and they broke up in 2022, it came out that Elon Musk and executive Shivon Zillis had secretly had twins.

During that time, Grimes had a short romantic relationship with Chelsea Manning, but it only lasted a few months. Elon also started dating actress Natasha Bassett, but their romance ended in July of the same year.

Is Grimes Dating

Elon Musk and Grimes started dating in 2018, and they broke up for good in 2022, they dated and broke up. During the time they were dating, they were seen at many events together, including the Met Gala in 2018.

Who is Grimes Dating Now?

There are rumors that Grimes and Elon Musk are back together, but there is no official proof. After their daughter was born and they broke up in 2022, it came out that Elon had quietly had twins with an executive named Shivon Zillis. Grimes dated Chelsea Manning for a short time in 2022, but their relationship didn’t last very long. Elon also dated actress Natasha Bassett, but their romance ended in July of the same year.

Elon and Grimes started dating in 2018, and they were together on and off until they broke up in public in 2022. During the time they were together, they went to many events, including the 2018 Met Gala.

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Now, it looks like they are spending time together in Italy, which could be a second chance for their love.

Is Grimes Dating Chelsea Handler?

Grimes is not going out with Chelsea Handler. Some sources say that she was connected to Chelsea Manning in the past, but there is no official proof. Grimes has kept her dating life quiet since she broke up with Musk, and there have been no confirmed stories about her new relationships.

She said that she didn’t like rumors and that she wanted to keep her private life private so as not to set a bad example for the public.

Grimes has decided not to confirm or reject anything about her personal life because she doesn’t want to draw unwanted attention to her business, whether the rumors are true or not. Because of this, she has kept a low image and focused on her music and other artistic projects.

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Grimes supposedly broke up with Elon Musk and is now dating someone else.

Grimes Dating History

Grimes has been with many different people over the years. She was with Devon Welsh from 2007 to 2010. After that, she was in a relationship with artist James Brooks from 2012 to 2018.

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Then, from 2018 to 2022, she was with Elon Musk. Elon Musk and Grimes have been dating for a while now, but it’s not public. This happened in 2023.

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