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Is George Strait Still Married? The Enduring Love Story of George and Norma Strait

Is George Strait Still Married?

George Strait is still married to the girl he met in high school and fell in love with. When they were in high school, they met each other and started going out together. After going out on and off for a few years, they decided to run away together to Mexico on December 4, 1971. George joined the U.S. Army soon after he and Mary got married. He was sent to Hawaii.

Even though more than 50 years have passed, George and Norma Strait’s marriage is still strong. Norma has always been there for George throughout his long and successful career in the music business. They have also started a family together, having children and then becoming grandparents.

George and Norma’s 50th wedding anniversary was in December 2021. This was a big moment in their relationship. During a show in Las Vegas, George sang “I Cross My Heart” to Norma as a way to remember this event. During the event, George told the crowd that he and Norma ran away together to Mexico when he was 19 and she was 17. This showed how strong their love has been for the past 50 years.

George Strait is married to Norma Strait, and the story of how they fell in love has been told for decades. In addition to running away to get married in Mexico, the couple had a small wedding service in their hometown of Pearsall, Texas, when they got back to the United States.

George has told Norma Strait how much he loves and appreciates her in Instagram posts that celebrate their wedding anniversary. These posts show how strong their friendship is and how much they care about each other.

In the end, George Strait is still married to his wife Norma, with whom he has been in love, loyalty, and support for his whole life. Their marriage has stood the test of time, and in December 2021, they marked their 50th wedding anniversary, which was a big moment in their lives together.

George Strait’s Wife and Family

George and Norma Strait have a family. Jenifer Lynn and George “Bubba” Strait Jr. are their children. Their 13-year-old daughter Jenifer died in an automobile accident. George appreciated their 13 years with his daughter and treasured their memories.

Bubba, their son, writes and competes in rodeos. He worked with his father on music. George enjoyed working with his kid and watching him grow as a songwriter. He considers working with Bubba at this point in his career a blessing.

George and Norma founded the Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation in 1986 to memorialize their daughter. This foundation supports children’s charities and donates to nonprofits.

George admired Jenifer’s friendships and devotion to her brother Bubba. He stressed Jenifer and Bubba’s deep friendship and the foundation’s role in remembering her.

While George was on tour, Norma looked after Bubba. Norma supported their son at home.

In 2012, George expressed thanks for finding Norma 41 years earlier and sharing life together, supporting each other through good and bad times. After Bubba graduated high school, Norma started traveling with him, highlighting their great love and friendship.

George and Norma are proud grandparents. Bubba and Tamara have two children, George “Harvey” Strait III, and Jilliann Louise. Bubba and Tamara’s proximity in Texas lets the Straits spend time with their grandchildren. George was thankful to see his grandson Harvey often.

In 2019, Norma appeared in George’s “Codigo” music video, despite her shyness. In the Mexico-shot video, Norma toasts with friends and dances with George, showing their closeness.

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Norma has supported George’s profession. He constantly praises her on Instagram. Norma supported George at the 1989 CMA Awards when he won Performer of the Year. George frequently praises Norma’s constant support and mutual affection.

George Strait’s wife, Norma, has raised a happy and sad family. They lost Jenifer in a vehicle accident. Norma helped George raise their children and maintain his singing career.

They love spending time with Bubba’s kids as grandparents. George’s music video features Norma. They love, support, and admire each other.

George Strait and Norma Strait Marriage

George Strait has had a legendary career in country music. Despite his musical success, Strait’s life revolves around his 51-year marriage to Norma.

The couple met at Texas’ Pearsall High School. Strait called Norma “the first girl I ever loved” in a country radio interview. Their journey to eternal love was not without obstacles.

Strait originally didn’t consider Norma romantically despite knowing her since childhood in their little hamlet. After a breakup, fate reunited them. They eloped in Mexico on December 4, 1971, followed by a Pearsall church ceremony.

Their odyssey began at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii after Strait joined the U.S. Army. Their daughter Jenifer was born on October 6, 1972, starting their family.

Strait began his country music career with Rambling Country, a military-sponsored group in Hawaii. “Unwound,” his 1981 debut song, coincided with the birth of their second child, George “Bubba” Strait Jr.

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Strait’s first chart-topper, “Fool Hearted Memory,” came in 1982. After this breakthrough, a succession of number-one songs followed, including “A Fire I Can’t Put Out,” “You Look So Good in Love,” “Right or Wrong,” and “Let’s Fall to Pieces Together.”

On June 25, 1986, their 13-year-old daughter Jenifer died in an automobile accident in San Marcos, Texas.

In 2012, Strait thanked People magazine for the 13 years he spent with his daughter.

In 1986, the Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation was created as a charity. The organization helps child-related nonprofits in San Antonio, where the Straits live, through individual donations.

On its website, the foundation has funded Boysville, Greater San Marcos Youth Council, Dare to Love Rainbow Room, Youth Alternatives, and Carver Academy.

Norma Strait raised Bubba at home until he went to college. She toured with her hubby until his 2014 Cowboy Rides Away Tour ended. On February 2, 2012, Bubba and Tamara became grandparents to Harvey, George Strait III.

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On September 10, 2016, Jilliann Louise Strait became their granddaughter. Strait has spoken highly of his marriage to Norma, despite his family’s secrecy. He told People about their deep bond, shared experiences, unfailing support, and lasting love and friendship.

In conclusion, George Strait and Norma’s marriage has endured.

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