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Is Erin Andrews Dating? Latest Updates on Her Romantic Life

Is Erin Andrews Dating

Is she seeing someone? Find out about Erin Andrews’s love life, her rise in the sports media world, and her sweet friendship with former NHL player Jarret Stoll.
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Is Erin Andrews Dating?

Erin Andrews is not dating right now because she is happily married to Jarret Stoll, who used to play in the NHL. When the two met at the World Series in 2012, it was the start of their love story. After their first meeting, they got along better and started going out on dates. Erin and Jarret got married in Montana in 2017, which was a beautiful end to their relationship and the start of their life together as a married couple.

Erin has been honest about her life, even though she has had problems, like having trouble getting pregnant. This has only made her and Jarret feel closer to each other. In July 2023, when their son was born through a surrogate, it was a happy point in their journey. This made them even more committed to each other and to their growing family.

Who is Erin Andrews Dating?

Erin Andrews is happily married to Jarret Stoll, who used to play hockey professionally and made a name for himself in the NHL. Their long-lasting love story ended with a happy wedding in 2017. This marked the start of their journey together. Jarret Stoll has had a lot of success as a hockey player, including winning two Stanley Cups. He brings a lot of success and knowledge to their partnership.

Even after he stopped playing, Stoll never stopped caring about hockey. He continued to make a difference in the world of hockey, especially through his work with the L.A. Kings.

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This dynamic pair has definitely found a deep and lasting connection. Erin’s successful job in the media and Jarret’s long history in sports have come together to make a relationship that works well and grows.

Erin Andrews Husband

Jarret Stoll is the well-known husband of Erin Andrews. He has a long history as a professional hockey star who made a name for himself in the NHL. During his long and successful career, he played for teams like the Edmonton Oilers, the L.A. Kings, the New York Rangers, and the Minnesota Wild. Stoll’s time with the L.A. Kings was the best of his career. During that time, he won two Stanley Cups, which cemented his place in hockey history.

Stoll’s unwavering commitment to the sport he loves led him to a new job as an analyst and player development member for the L.A. Kings. In this way, he is still adding to the sport he loves.

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Stoll and Andrews met by chance during the 2012 World Series, which set them on the path to love that led to their loving marriage in 2017. Their journey was full of wins and losses, including a heartbreaking fight with infertility that they overcame by having their beloved son born through a surrogate. This shows how strong and deep their bond is.

Erin Andrews About

Erin Jill Andrews is a well-known figure in American media. She is known as a sportscaster, TV star, and actress, among other things. Her rise to fame began in 2004 when she became a correspondent for ESPN and showed how good she was at covering and commenting on sports. Later, Erin made a big change and started working as a lead sideline reporter for Fox Sports. She is known for her work on the network’s NFL broadcasts.

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Andrews got more attention outside of sports when she appeared on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars, where she showed off her dancing skills and charming personality. Her contributions were so important that she went on to co-host the show from 2014 to 2019. This cemented her place as a versatile and well-liked media personality.

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