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Is Emily Van Egmond Married? Find Out Now!

Emily Van Egmond, a skilled soccer player, recently got engaged to her girlfriend, Kat Thompson. Their sweet love story started online, and Emily knew right away that Kat was the one for her.
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Emily Van Egmond About

Emily Van Egmond is a soccer player for a living in Australia. She was born on July 12, 1993, and she is a player who has made a big difference both internationally and in club games. She plays for the US-based San Diego Wave FC, and she is also a key player for the Australian women’s national team.

Emily has shown how good she is at her sport and how much she cares about it throughout her career. Her performances have earned her praise and respect. She has played well for clubs in different leagues, such as 1. FFC Frankfurt and VfL Wolfsburg in Germany’s Bundesliga, Fortuna Hjrring in Denmark’s Elitedivisionen, and Chicago Red Stars and Orlando Pride in the United States National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

She has also played for West Ham United in England’s FA Women’s Super League. In Australia’s W-League, she has played for Canberra United, Western Sydney Wanderers, Newcastle Jets, and Melbourne City, among others.

Emily is from the city of Newcastle in Australia. She started playing football at a young age because she was always interested in it. She grew up in a soccer-loving family. Her father, Gary van Egmond, was a Socceroo (Australian national team player) and now coaches the Newcastle United Jets in the A-League. This made her love and skill for soccer grow.

Emily is a well-known person in women’s soccer in Australia and around the world because of what she has done and what she has given to the sport. As a committed midfielder with great skills and a lot of experience, she keeps making big steps forward in her career, playing for her country and helping the teams she plays for.

Is Emily Van Egmond Married?

Emily van Egmond isn’t married right now. She and her partner, Kat Thompson, just got engaged. Last month, Emily asked Kat to marry her on a cliff in San Diego, California, that looked out over the ocean. Kat happily said yes, and now they are planning to get married.

About a year ago, they met online, and Emily knew right away that Kat was the right person for her. They have told each other how much they love and are happy for each other, and they are looking forward to their wedding. Emily’s soccer schedule forces her to split her time between the US and Australia, so they plan to get married in Australia.

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Emily and Kat are excited to start a life together now that they are engaged, and they say they want to have children in the future. But they aren’t married yet, and the wedding hasn’t happened yet.

Is Emily Van Egmond Dating Anyone?

Emily van Egmond is seeing Kat Thompson, who is her partner. Last month, Emily asked Kat to marry her on a cliff in San Diego, California, that looked out over the ocean. When they met online the year before, it was the start of their love story. Emily knew right away that Kat was “the one” for her.

Is Emily Van Egmond Married

Their relationship was easy and helpful, and Kat was Emily’s biggest fan, going to all of her games. They are going to get married, and they are excitedly making plans for it. They want to get married in Australia.

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They also talk about how excited they are to start a family together and how they can’t wait to have “mini Matildas” of their own in the future.

Emily Van Egmond Partner

Kat Thompson partners with Emily van Egmond. San Diego Wave FC and Australia women’s national team midfielder Emily is engaged to Kat Thompson. Last month, before the FIFA World Cup, he proposed on a cliff overlooking the ocean in San Diego, California.

Emily and Kat met online the year before and fell in love. Kat makes Emily happy, according to Emily.

Emily proposed with a beautiful ring she designed. Kat was delighted and had “no clue” about the proposal, causing her to cry.

Since Emily plays soccer in both the US and Australia, the couple plans to get married in Australia. Kat jokes that they’re married to football, but they’re excited about their wedding, which won’t be lavish.

Kat has been Emily’s biggest fan in every soccer game. The pair dreams of having “mini Matildas” and beginning a family.

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Emily van Egmond and Kat Thompson’s love and commitment shine with their engagement, and they look forward to a bright future together as they support one another’s aspirations and passions.

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