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Is Duke Depp Gay? The TikTok Star Addresses the Rumors and Reveals His Love Interest

Is Duke Depp Gay

Is Duke Depp Gay? Tyson Duke Charlesworth, or Duke Depp as many people know him online, has become very popular on TikTok because he looks so much like Willy Wonka from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Duke Depp is a huge star.

His WillyWonkatiktok TikTok account has over 20 million fans, and he has worked with other creators like Larray and Tyler Bott.

People have talked about his personal life, especially his sexuality, in gossip and rumors, in addition to his funny videos and unique personality. We will look into the rumors and try to find out the truth about Duke Depp’s sexuality in this piece.

Who is Duke Depp?

Duke Depp is a big name on social media, and he’s best known for looking like Willy Wonka from the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” His TikTok account, @willywonkatiktok, has more than 20 million fans. On it, he posts videos of himself doing different things while dressed as Willy Wonka. He has another TikTok account called @dukedepp where he posts videos of himself being himself.

Duke Depp was born in Utah, USA, on December 12, 2000. Duke Moose or Duke Charlesworth is his real name. He has nothing to do with Johnny Depp, who played Willy Wonka in the movie.

He comes from Portugal and speaks Portuguese very well. He lost his dad when he was young and grew up with his mom and two other kids. He went to Milford High School and was a basketball star and coach there.

Is Duke Depp Gay?

Duke Depp is not gay. While Duke Depp has been out for a while, there has been a story going around about his sexuality. The main reason this rumor spread was because of videos he shared on TikTok that seemed to imply that he might be gay.

He has posted videos to TikTok and Instagram where he can be seen wearing rainbow-colored clothes and items, like a sweatshirt, hat, mask, and flag. Besides that, he works with other LGBTQ+ artists like Tyler Bott and Larray. In his captions and comments, he tells his LGBTQ+ friends how much he loves and appreciates them.

He has also worked for Duke Health, a group that fights for the rights and health care of LGBTQ+ people. Duke Depp is a nice, helpful guy who loves diversity and welcomes everyone.

Yet Another Thing That Adds to the Gay Rumors!

People love Duke Depp because he is so good at chocolate and charm. He has won over millions of fans with his cute and funny movies in which he dresses up as Willy Wonka and does lots of funny and cute things.

He shows off his creativity and uniqueness in many ways, such as through his dancing, photography, and podcasts. People are wondering if he is gay because he is so unique.

He is not afraid to be himself and say what he believes, even though most people don’t agree with him. His coworkers and fans love him because he is a kind and inspiring person. He is also very handsome, with light blonde hair, brown eyes, and a cute grin. It needs more magic and happiness, and Duke Depp is a rare and beautiful gift.

Who is Duke Depp Dating at the Moment?

Duke Depp is not seen with anyone. Duke Depp has kept his love life a secret, which has led his fans and followers to wonder what his relationship state is. At this point, there are only two main options that come to mind. In the first place, it’s possible that Duke is in a relationship that he doesn’t want the public to know about for personal reasons.

He might value his privacy or just be not ready to publicly accept a romantic relationship. Second, Duke might be single right now and putting all of his energy and attention into his growing business.

There have been rumors that he is dating another TikTok star, Cassidy Condie. However, it is important to note that these rumors have not been proven and lack any solid proof. Duke Depp’s love life will remain a mystery to both his devoted fans and people who are just interested until he decides to talk about it.



Duke Depp, best known for his TikTok account, @willywonkatiktok, has over 20 million fans and collaborates with other creators like Larray and Tyler Bott. Despite being gay, rumors have circulated about his personal life, including his sexuality.

Depp’s unique personality, including his appearance as Willy Wonka, has gained popularity on social media. He has worked with LGBTQ+ artists and has worked for Duke Health, a group fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.

Currently, Depp is not seen with anyone, and there are rumors of him dating Cassidy Condie, but these have not been proven.

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