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Is Disney Plus’ Candy Based on a Real-life Event?

After having its premiere on Hulu in the United States, the brand-new drama series Candy is now available to view in its entirety across the pond on Disney Plus in the United Kingdom.

After Elisabeth Moss, actress of The Handmaid’s Tale, was forced to drop out of the series owing to schedule difficulties, Jessica Biel, star of The Sinner, was cast in the central role to take her place. Originally, the project was supposed to star Elisabeth Moss.

A housewife in the 1980s who did everything by the book but whose life was turned upside down on one fateful day is the subject of the drama, which relates the terrible account of what happened.

However, is the Disney Plus show Candy based on a real-life event? Continue reading to obtain all of the information you require.

Is Candy Based on a True Story?

That’s correct. The film Candy is inspired by the genuine events that transpired in the life of Candy Montgomery, a housewife from Texas who, in 1980, was charged with the murder of her next-door neighbour, Betty Gore.

Jessica Biel plays the role of Montgomery, and Melanie Lynskey takes on the role of Gore in the series. The character of Deputy Steve Deffibaugh is played by Justin Timberlake, who is also Biel’s real-life spouse. Timberlake makes periodic appearances in the series.

What is the True Story Behind Candy?

In real life, as in the show, Candy Montgomery was a woman who resided in Texas in the 1970s and became friends with Betty Gore, a fellow housewife, during a religious gathering. The two ladies and their families became good friends, and their girls started spending the night at each other’s houses rather frequently. Then, it is said that Candy began an affair with Betty’s husband Allen, who was also her friend.

According to reports, this went on for a number of months until 1979, when Betty gave birth to a child; at that point, Allen put an end to the affair. It was reported that he had participated in a church programme designed to strengthen marriages with Betty and that he wanted to work on repairing their connection.

After this, on June 13th, 1980, reports indicate that Candy made an offer to take Betty’s daughter to a swimming lesson after the kid spent the night at her residence.

Candy went to Betty’s house to get Alisa’s swimsuit, but while she was there, Betty allegedly confronted her about the affair that she was having with Allen. Candy left Betty’s house without the swimsuit.

After this, we do not fully understand what transpired afterwards. All that we do know is that Betty’s body was eventually discovered, and that she had suffered 41 separate blows from an axe.

After the body of the woman was found, Candy, who was the last person known to have seen Betty alive, became the primary suspect in the case. After some time had passed, she was taken into custody and accused with Betty’s murder following Allen’s confession to the police about their extramarital affair.

During the course of the trial, Candy was defended by Don Crowder, a lawyer who was affiliated with her religion. Crowder also recruited a psychiatrist and clinical hypnotist by the name of Dr. Fred Fason in order to reveal Candy’s memories of the night in question.

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