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Is Chelsee Healey Dating? An Update on Her Dating Life

Is Chelsee Healey Dating

Chelsee Healey, a British actress best known for her parts on “Waterloo Road” and “Hollyoaks,” is not dating anyone as of 2023.
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Is Chelsee Healey Dating?

Chelsee Healey is not with anyone as of 2023. The British TV actress was born in Salford, England, on August 6, 1988. She is best known for her parts in popular TV shows. She became famous for playing Janeece Bryant in the BBC show “Waterloo Road.” Later, she was cast as Goldie McQueen in the Channel 4 show “Hollyoaks.”

Even though Chelsee Healey has been in the public eye, there is no evidence that she is in a relationship at the moment. At age 35, she is still single and not seeing anyone. Records show that Chelsee Healey has been in at least two relationships in the past, but she is currently single.

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Chelsee Healey’s work life has gotten a lot of attention, but her personal life, especially her love life, has often been of interest to her friends and the media. But right now, she seems to be focusing on her work and personal growth and has chosen to stay single.

Chelsee Healey Daughter

Chelsee Healey, who is known for her parts in Hollyoaks and Waterloo Road, recently announced on Instagram that she is expecting her second child. She and her 2017-born daughter Coco can’t wait for a new family member to join them. Chelsee told everyone in a clever way what the baby’s gender would be. She put together a party for her Hollyoaks co-stars, like Jennifer Metcalfe, Ross Adams, Richard Blackwood, and Nadine Mulkerrin, who all came.

During the event, a plane flew over Chelsee’s house and left behind a line of pink smoke, which means she’s having a girl. Pink confetti was also thrown at the people there, which added to the happy mood. The pictures from the party show how excited Chelsee and Coco are as they look up at the plane.

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Chelsee talked about how happy she was to grow her family and give Coco a sister. She said in an Instagram post that Coco has wanted a baby sister or brother for a long time. Chelsee is very happy to grant Coco’s wish and have two children. She can’t wait to love her new baby no matter what, and she can’t stop thinking about them. Chelsee has been raising Coco by herself since she and Coco’s father, Jack Malloy, broke up.

Chelsee Healey Baby Father

Jack Molloy, who was Chelsee Healey’s ex-boyfriend, is the father of her first child, Coco. Even though the couple is no longer together, they still get along when it comes to raising their child. But it hasn’t been revealed for sure who the father of Chelsee’s second child is. Chelsee has been in relationships with a few people over the years. In 2011, she was linked to Lucien Laviscount, who was known for his part in “Emily in Paris.” Jake McLean, who sadly died in a car accident the same year, was said to be her boyfriend in 2020.

Chelsee has been open about the fact that she is single and has said that her main goal is to be the best mother she can be to Coco. Even though she is no longer with Jack, he is still a big part of their daughter’s life. Chelsee is happy with how well they get along as co-parents.

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Coco spends the weekends in London with her father. Since having Coco, Chelsee’s view of motherhood has changed, and she now focuses on being a good model for her child. Chelsee’s personal life is complicated, but she still cares about her daughter’s well-being as she goes through life as a mother.

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