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Is Candace Parker Lesbian? Latest Update in 2023?

Is Candace Parker Lesbian? As WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes made headlines in 2005 by discussing her relationship with another woman, several fans and media analysts made light of the situation by saying, “Oh shocking, a lady in pro basketball is homosexual or bi.”

Coming out publicly as gay was not unheard of among WNBA athletes then or now. More than a quarter of the WNBA playoff participants this year identified as members of the LGBTQ community. Is Candace Parker Lesbian?

Who is Candace Parker?

NBA star Candace Parker is a national treasure in the United States. The Chicago Sky have her services in the WNBA (WNBA). Parker’s sports career began at a young age. Her father began coaching her in basketball when she was in seventh grade, having previously focused on soccer.

Candace was a high school athlete at Naperville Central High School. The USA Today High School Player of the Year award was given to her twice.

Is Candace Parker Lesbian

Is Candace Parker Lesbian?

While Candace Parker, 35, of the Chicago Sky has been married for two years, she made her first Instagram post about her husband on Tuesday, December 14. This was her first outing as a member of the LGBTQ community.

To the happy couple: “Happy Anniversary о енa! Over two years ago, I tied the knot with my best friend in front of our closest loved ones. The situation was so terrifying that my heart almost gave out. I sobbed my eyes out… The secret to our love is knowing either me or you. This has not been a simple trip. Parker captioned the photo, “I am proud of us and what we have achieved and who we have evolved to be, both individually and collectively.”


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As a reference to 37-year-old Russian professional basketball player Anna Petrakova, the phrase “о енa” translates to “my wife” in English.

In addition to her initial happy revelation, Parker also revealed something else in her message. Petrakova has conceived!

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“We’ve always wanted to have a family, so the fact that we are expecting is completely unbelievable. Lailaa can’t wait to assume her role as big sister. You’re as stunning as they come! I’m beaming with the knowledge that I need to shower your pregnant tummy with affection on a continuous basis by giving it kisses, talking to it, and playing Jay-Z.

Parker has been a member of the WNBA since 2008, and she was only this year honoured as one of the league’s all-time greats by being included on their annual list, The W25. She’s on this year’s WNBA champion Chicago Sky’s roster right now. In 2021, at least a quarter of the WNBA playoff players identified as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Parker’s first daughter Lailaa Williams “is eager to be a big sister,” as Parker said in her coming out the article. Williams is Parker’s daughter from her marriage to professional basketball star Shelden Williams.

Parker went on to say, “Thank you for always loving Lailaa as your own, being my calm, my support, my voice of reason, my laughs, my cuddles, my dance in the rain, my joyful, my home.” Thanks for always holding me to account and correcting me when I’m wrong. I adore you; please know how much I cherish you and our relationship.

The only thing that can top these stunning wedding images is next year’s crop of adorable newborn pictures!

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