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Is Billy Ray Cyrus Divorced? An In-Depth Look at the Current Situation

After nearly 30 years of marriage, Tish Cyrus files for divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus, claiming “irreconcilable differences.” This is the third time that the couple has had problems in their marriage.
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Is Billy Ray Cyrus Divorced?

Yes, Tish Cyrus, who was married to Billy Ray Cyrus for almost 30 years, took steps to end their marriage by asking for a divorce. This was the third time the couple had problems in their marriage. Us Weekly got papers from the court that proved the divorce was filed on April 6. The papers were filed in Williamson County, Tennessee, and the reason was “irreconcilable differences.”

Tish Cyrus, who was 54 years old at the time, said in the divorce papers that she and Billy Ray Cyrus, who was 60, had been living in separate homes and hadn’t lived together as a married pair for more than two years. She also asked the court to help with an “equitable division and distribution of all marital assets.”

She also wanted to make sure that her own property was safe during the procedures. As part of the divorce papers, Tish Cyrus asked for a restraining order on the land she and Billy Ray owned together. This order was meant to stop either party from giving or hiding assets, and it also said that they couldn’t harass or talk badly about the other in front of their children.

Billy Ray Cyrus was noticeably missing from the family’s holiday celebrations, which led fans to wonder where he was, especially Miley Cyrus’s fans who posted on her Instagram post about Christmas and asked where her father was. Before, the pair had also had problems in their marriage. They had filed for divorce twice before.

Billy Ray Cyrus started divorce processes in October 2010, but he later took them back in March 2011. During that time, Miley Cyrus said on “The View” that she wanted her family to get back together. She said, “I want to put my family back together. Things are better than they’ve ever been.” But, after two years, there was another rough patch. Tish Cyrus filed for divorce on her own in June 2013, again claiming “irreconcilable differences.”

Is Billy Ray Cyrus Divorced

In a statement about the situation, the couple said they were committed to finding a solution that put their family’s best interests first. This breakup was also finally fixed by getting back together. The couple went to couples therapy and got back together the following month.

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The filing for divorce was a new step in the couple’s long journey, which had been full of both problems and answers. Even though they were going through hard times, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus seemed willing to work out their issues and do what was best for their family.

Why did Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce?

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus have divorced three times, most recently in April 2022. The couple has not announced the cause of their divorce, but some stories suggest “irreconcilable differences.” Billy Ray divorced Tish in 2010 for “irreconcilable differences.”

A few months after their split, they reconciled. In 2013, Tish divorced Billy Ray, but they reconciled in 2015. The causes for their divorce may be similar to those of previous efforts. Issues that caused their splits may reemerge.

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However, other variables may have contributed. Billy Ray’s substance addiction has been reported. Tish and Billy Ray know only their divorce’s genuine reason. Both prioritize their children’s well-being and friendship despite their romantic relationship’s obstacles. The public can only speculate, but their focus remains on creating a pleasant family atmosphere despite marital changes.

Billy Ray Cyrus About

Billy Ray Cyrus has no concerts scheduled for 2023, signifying a sabbatical from live appearances. He last performed live at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee, in July 2022. Billy Ray Cyrus has not announced a 2023 album release or tour.

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However, his collaborations with other musicians show his passion to music. He released “Plans,” a Firerose collaboration, in 2022. Billy Ray Cyrus works in entertainment as well as music. He is developing “Still the King.”


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The sequel to 2009’s “Hannah Montana,” will chronicle Billy Ray Cyrus’ Robby Ray Stewart’s life. Billy Ray Cyrus remains a music superstar. His countless honors, including 7 Grammys, and 100 million global record sales demonstrate his success. His music is enjoyed by all ages due to his household name.

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