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Does Bakugo Die in My Hero Academia? Fate of the Hero, Explored


Bakugo Death: One of the most famous anime shows of the last few years is My Hero Academia. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since Kohei Horikoshi, who wrote the original manga, knows a lot about exciting shounen.

In the anime, the heroes fight Gigantomachia, but in the manga, the end battle happens and more than one hero dies. Many people who watch My Hero Academia want to know if Bakugo is dead.

If you only watch the anime, you should know that this piece gives away a lot about how the heroes and villains fight in the end.

But Bakugo’s death is also interesting to people who read comics. So, get relaxed, and we’ll tell you everything we know about Bakugo’s death and the possibility that he could come back to life in My Hero Academia.

Who is Bakugo?

Bakugo is a fictional character who appears in the manga and anime series “My Hero Academia.” He is sometimes referred to by his alternate name, Katsuki Bakugo. He is currently preparing to enter the world of professional heroism as a student at U.A. High School.

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Bakugo is notorious for his explosive attitude, ferocious drive, and immense firepower. He is also known as “The Demon King.” Because of his Quirk, “Explosion,” he is able to generate huge explosions from his hands. Bakugo is a remarkable individual in terms of both intelligence and strategic thinking, despite his initial haughtiness and hotheadedness.

Bakugo Death

In spite of the abrasive character of his personality, he is extremely devoted to his friends and possesses a strong sense of justice.

Bakugo is one of the most interesting characters in the series thanks to his multifaceted personality and remarkable development throughout the course of the story.

Is Bakugo Dead?

Bakugo dies too soon in Chapter 362 of the manga, which is unthinkable and sends shockwaves through the fans. Edgeshot, another pro hero, brings Bakugo back from the brink of death with a miraculous resurrection that defies the chances.

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This gives people hope again. This surprising turn of events not only makes the story more interesting but also shows how strong the bond between these heroes is.

Bakugo gets a second chance at life and goes back into battle. He and his friends watch the final battle, where Izuku’s unwavering determination helps him beat the powerful All For One.

Is Bakugo’s Death Fake?

Fans of My Hero Academia were shocked when it seemed like Bakugo had died, but as the story went on, it became clear that it was all a smart trick.

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People who cared about him took a big emotional hit from what they thought was his death, but for Bakugo, it was just another day. Some fans called this turn of events a “cheap fake-out death,” saying that the character didn’t change or grow in a meaningful way after the event, which made them unhappy.

Bakugo Death

When telling a story, using character deaths and how they affect the plot can be tricky, and fans of the series had different thoughts on how Bakugo’s situation was managed.

Is Bakugo Dead 362?

Yes, Shigaraki and All For One made Katsuki their target in order to cause Izuku harm.

What Happened to Bakugo?

Many viewers of My Hero Academia would be relieved to learn that Bakugo does not end up dying during the course of the series.

Because of the terrible injuries that he sustained, he has not been seen engaging in physical conflict for a considerable amount of time. Bakugo’s heart was shattered and he lost consciousness as a direct result of a strike delivered by Shigaraki.

What Villain Killed Bakugo?

Shigaraki scores a direct blow to Bakugo’s chest and punctures a hole all the way through his heart, despite the efforts of the other heroes to come in the way and prevent him from doing so.


In the end, Bakugo’s death is a sad and important event in the world of manga and anime. Fans will always love his character, who is known for his fiery personality and unwavering drive.

No matter how he died or why he died, his sacrifice or death is a strong reminder of how unpredictable and emotional stories can be.

Even though his removal leaves a hole in the story, it also makes room for new character growth and plot twists. Bakugo’s influence will live on in the memories of fans and in the changes he made to the world where he lived. His death was a major turning point in the story’s development.

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