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Is Alex and Elys Still Together? Breaking News and Insights

Long distance and their busy schedules made it hard for Elys Hutchinson and Alex Snell to stay together after the show “Too Hot to Handle” ended.
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Is Alex and Elys Still Together?

Alex and Elys did not stay together. Long distance and their busy schedules made it hard for Elys Hutchinson and Alex Snell to stay together after the show “Too Hot to Handle” ended. Even though they broke up, they kept in touch with each other on social media and left nice comments on each other’s Instagram pages.

The text also says that Elys and Alex were hopeful about their connection on the show and that they overcame problems to show emotion and connect on a deeper level. In the end, they even said they loved each other. But the real world and the problems of being far apart and always moving made it hard for them to stay together.

Dre Woodard and Elys were in the finals with each other, competing for the $100,000 prize. In the end, Elys’s fellow contestants chose her as the winner. She and Dre showed how close they were by sharing the prize money right away.

Are Elys And Alex Still Dating?

Alex and Elys didn’t stay together after the show ended. It makes it clear that Elys Hutchinson and Alex Snell’s relationship did continue after the show “Too Hot to Handle,” but it ended after about six months because of the difficulties of living far apart and always moving. Even though they broke up, they stayed on good terms and kept in touch on social media, commenting on each other’s Instagram pages and following each other’s trips.

It’s true that not all relationships are meant to last, but it’s good to hear that both Elys and Alex learned from their time together and grew as people. Even though it didn’t work out in the long run, they seemed to treasure their memories from the show and the time they spent together.

Alex and Elys Still Together

As with all relationships, life’s circumstances and difficulties can sometimes push people in different directions. It’s nice to know that even though they broke up, they still talk to each other. Elys and Alex are still living their lives and traveling the world, and it’s clear that they have happy memories of their time on the show together.

Alex and Elys Too Hot to Handle Dating History

In the season 5 finale of “Too Hot to Handle,” Elys and Dre were chosen as the two finalists who would fight for the remaining $100,000 prize. Elys had changed a lot as a person, becoming more open emotionally and making a deep bond with Alex. Dre, on the other hand, had changed from someone who cared about sex and rules to someone who wanted to grow as a person and give his family a better life.

Elys, who was already doing well financially, chose to share the prize money with Dre because she knew how much it meant to him and his family. This act of kindness made the show history because no one had ever offered to share the prize money before.

Both Elys and Dre were filled with joy, and Dre said that Elys had changed his life and gave his heartfelt thanks. The moving moment they shared showed how much they had grown as people and how close they had become over the course of the show.

Alex told Elys, “I love you,” and Elys said, “I love you, too.” This showed how close they were. No specifics were given about what Dre would do when he got back to Atlanta.

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Overall, this double win in the finale showed how important the show really was. It didn’t just teach better romantic relationships; it also helped the contestants grow as people and make real bonds with each other.

Alex About

Season 5 of “Too Hot to Handle” introduced 28-year-old UK personal trainer Alex Snell. He appeared in Season 5 instead of Season 4.

Alex became a personal trainer after losing his job during the COVID-19 lockdown. Charming and spontaneous, he can be indecisive. Alex prioritizes travel and attractiveness, sometimes being compared to Prince Charming.

Alex uses Instagram and TikTok frequently. @alexsnelll on Instagram has over 19,000 followers. He posts shirtless workouts and invites people to exercise alongside him. He has six posts and 31 followers on TikTok under @alexandersnell.


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Alex calls himself a “modern-day Greek God” on both his social media pages, suggesting he regards himself as powerful and gorgeous. He doesn’t say which Greek God he worships, leaving it open to interpretation.

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“Too Hot to Handle” requires contestants to abstain from sexual intercourse to win, which made Alex’s appearance difficult. His spontaneous and jet-setting attitude will be challenged by staying in one place and facing his feelings throughout the retreat.

Elys About

Lausanne-born 23-year-old model and ski instructor Elys Hutchinson. She is half British and half Swiss. Elys has skied her whole life.

She became a ski instructor after starting skiing as a child. Since signing with Profile Models in London aged 13, Elys has started modeling. Since a family friend suggested she become a model when she was five, modeling has been her dream career.


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On the reality show “Too Hot To Handle,” Elys was in a love triangle with Hunter and Alex. The show defines her as a tomboy and girly girl who is flirty and can connect with individuals from different backgrounds. Elys is reckless and adventurous, and her show profile says she shattered practically every bone skiing.

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Despite her love of flirting and socializing, the show’s premise—abstinence from physical connection to win a prize—may be difficult for her. Elys is a captivating contender on “Too Hot To Handle” due to her modeling and skiing background.

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