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Is Alex Aiono Still Single? Here’s What We Know

Is Alex Aiono Single? Netflix just put out the romantic thriller See You on Venus, and Alex Aiono plays Kyle in it. Fans can’t get over how well he and Virginia Gardner, who plays his on-screen love interest, got along in the movie. People even like them in real life and want to know if they’re dating.

If you were thinking that they were dating in real life, I’m sorry to say that’s not the case. In fact, Gardner is married to Jed Elliott, who plays bass in the British rock band The Struts. What about Aiono, though? Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend right now?

Since you like Alex Aiono, you already know that he likes to keep his love life and personal life out of the public eye. To be more specific, we know about some of his earlier relationships because he has talked about them with everyone.

On November 21, though, it didn’t look like he was seeing anyone at the moment. He hasn’t said out loud that he’s dating anyone, and there haven’t been any new dating reports. We even looked through his Instagram to see if it gave us any ideas about who he might be dating, but it didn’t.

Some people think he might be dating someone behind our backs, but we have no way of knowing for sure. We’ll have to assume he’s single until we hear otherwise.

Let’s talk about the women he’s dated before:-

Who is Alex Aiono?

An American from Phoenix, Arizona, Martin Alexander Aiono sings, makes records, and acts.

People know Aiono for his social media accounts with more than six million fans and his YouTube videos have been watched over a billion times. In February 2017, Interscope Records put out his first single on a big label. It was called “Work the Middle.”

Is Alex Aiono Single?

There was a second song called “Question” back in April 2017. “Does It Feel Like Falling,” his third song, came out on September 18, 2017. Find ‘Ohana, a Netflix movie starring Aiono, is out now. The Gospel at 23 was Aiono’s first record, which came out on July 24, 2020.

Meg DeAngelis

There are more than 4 million people who follow Meg on YouTube. She also sings and acts, and more than a million people follow her on Instagram.

While Alex and Meg’s relationship history is unknown, it is thought that they met while making the hit web series Royal Crush on AwesomenessTV. Furthermore, FamousStardom says they may have been dating for a few months.

Alex and Meg even made a bunch of YouTube movies together, some of which were about their relationship. The names of those videos are “Girlfriend Tag” and “Boyfriend Tag.”

These movies can be found on their own YouTube pages. They were dating at the time those movies were made, which was in December 2014. It’s not clear when they went their separate ways, though.

Madison Mehrdad

The start date of Alex and Madison’s relationship is also unknown. As of October 2020, Alex made their relationship public in an Instagram post that has since been removed. That’s when we first heard they were dating.

Is Alex Aiono Single?

It was a picture of him and Madison for Halloween dressed up as Dracula. A movie fan site called TheCinemaHolic says the post’s comment said, “Shawty a lil vampy, she my lil boo thang.”

Then, for Madison’s birthday in January 2021, Alex posted pictures of her on Instagram with a sweet statement. This post is no longer on his Instagram because he took it down.

As the post’s description said, “Today was terrible, but January 6th is this nugget’s birthday [emoji] thank you for always being my rock and making every day exciting and full of love [emoji] swipe to see how we safely celebrated [emojis]”

Alex has removed all traces of Madison from his Instagram, so it looks like they aren’t dating anymore.

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Netflix’s romantic thriller, See You on Venus, stars Alex Aiono as Kyle. Fans have speculated about their relationship in real life, but it’s not confirmed. Aiono, known for his social media presence and YouTube videos, has not publicly announced his relationship with anyone.

He has dated several women, including Meg DeAngelis, who has over 4 million followers on YouTube, and Madison Mehrdad, who has removed all traces of her from his Instagram. The start date of their relationship is unknown, but it’s assumed he’s single until further information is available.

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