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IRL Zoo broadcast led to accusations of “animal cruelty” against iShowSpeed.

After a live broadcast that he did at the zoo, during which some viewers accused him of “animal cruelty,” YouTube star iShowSpeed has once again come under fire for his actions.

Since iShowSpeed, a streamer who is only 17 years old, saw tremendous growth in 2017, it is safe to say that iShowSpeed is currently the streamer who is growing at the fastest rate.

However, as its popularity has increased, the streaming service has been the subject of a great deal of controversy. It is interesting to note that the person who created the content that became so popular went viral in April after an old video clip appeared online showing him berating a teammate while they were playing Valorant. More recently, he was even accused of “racism” after he greeted an Asian fan with the Japanese greeting “konnichiwa”, despite the fact that the fan insisted that he was Chinese. The accusation came after he greeted the fan with the Japanese greeting despite the fact that the fan insisted that he was Chinese.

Now, he is facing yet another round of criticism after critics accused him of “animal cruelty” following a live broadcast that took place at the zoo.

show speed Accused of “animal Cruelty” after IRL Zoo broadcast

The well-known YouTube personality went to the zoo for her most recent live broadcast, which took place on December 16th.

Regardless of the circumstances, he always kept up his upbeat and positive demeanour, which is one of the reasons why his followers adored him. Despite this, the streamer is currently being investigated for animal cruelty after videos surfaced showing him being violent to several animals.

During his tour of the zoo, the YouTuber was heard and seen yelling and barking at a variety of animals, and many people alleged that his acts constituted harsh treatment of animals.

“It drives me absolutely insane… How is it that some people cannot comprehend that what they are doing is terrible to animals? Are there tiger captives in high-security chains that don’t behave aggressively at all? Strange. On Twitter, a critic voiced their disapproval with the statement, “It hurts, and the excuse that “kids don’t know any better” just doesn’t work.”

“Poor animals, they have to live in the zoo. Another person added, “a tiger in chains, another monkey, several other animals, and the legal speed just shouted at them all.”

“The devil is in the details. Another person chimed in and said, “But the zoo is far worse.”

Although Speed has expressed regret for the conflicts he has caused in the past, he has not yet provided a response to the most recent charges; nevertheless, we will keep you updated if and when he does so.

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