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IPL 2023: “There Will Be a Camera on You”- Shastri Warns Kohli on His Behavior!

Ravi Shastri, who used to be India’s head coach, has told Virat Kohli to watch how he acts on the field and in front of the cameras. He wants Kohli to learn from MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar.

Kohli has made this IPL 2023 a lot of fun to watch, both with his bat and with the way he acts on the field. Whether it was the death glare he gave to Delhi Capitals coach Sourav Ganguly or the fight he got into with former India player and current Lucknow Super Giants coach Gautam Gambhir, he was a big deal.

In response to these two events, Ravi Shastri, who used to be India’s head coach, told Kohli that he should be more like MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar.

Because of these things, it seems like cameramen are giving extra attention to Kohli and what he does during the post-match ceremonies, like how he shakes hands with other players and talks to players from the other team.

Shastri told ESPNCricinfo that stars like Dhoni and Sachin had to deal with the same thing, but they did so in a very professional way. He told Kohli to be “careful” and pay attention to the camera.

“After what happened last week, someone like Kohli or Dhoni…Dhoni knows he’s a pro and there’s a camera on him, and that’s because he and Kohli earn it for what they’ve done for the game. You will be watched by a camera, just like Sachin Tendulkar.

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Don’t forget that once the game is over, the camera is always on you until you get to the locker room. You need to be careful because it’s like being told to stop.

If you keep that in mind, the camera, you’ll be fine when the game is over. “If you use that camera well, you can make a lot of friends,” Shastri said.

Ganguly and Kohli seemed to have put their differences behind them because they were seen shaking hands after the RCB vs. Delhi match in Delhi last week.

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