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Information About the Anime’s Setting, Major Events, and Timeline for the Genshin Impact Have Been Leaked.

The planned anime adaptation of Genshin Impact has had a lot of its information made public, including specifics about its story, its timeline, and the locations that appear in it.

Players who simply cannot contain their excitement till the release of the anime will want to learn about the leaks because they provide the series an excellent impression. The anime is a product of the collaboration between HoYoverse and Ufotable.

It seems as though this will be a project that will take place over a prolonged period of time and in many locations within the game’s universe. The following article provides fans with the opportunity to read about the newly discovered facts regarding the upcoming Genshin Impact series.

Many Details About the Story of the Genshin Impact Anime Have Been Leaked.

Fans of the video game Genshin Impact who are looking forward to watching the upcoming anime adaptation of the game are likely curious about the show’s storyline. According to the information that has been leaked, the anime will begin before the Traveler arrives in Teyvat, and each season will concentrate on a different region during the Archon War.

The Archon War will already be in progress across all of the territories when the show begins, and the subsequent seasons will each concentrate on a different region’s involvement in the conflict. The confrontation between Mondstadt and Decarabian is almost certainly going to kick off the anime. The narrative will then shift its focus to Liyue and Zhongli, where the Adepti will engage in massive conflicts.

Following that, the show will cover both the events of Inazuma as well as the conflict in which Raiden Ei and Raiden Makoto participated together. After then, it will travel to Sumeru, Fontaine, Natlan, and so on and so on. As soon as the conflict has been resolved, the anime will shift its attention to the time of Aether and Lumine’s arrival.

This particular scene can be seen in the show’s very first promotional video; it depicts Lumine and Aether standing hand in hand on a massive plane, which is probably when they have just arrived in Teyvat for the first time. The journey through Teyvat, which was alluded to in the game, will then be depicted in the following episode of the anime.

Fans will get a glimpse into the past of the characters when they first come into contact with the Archons shortly after the conflict. Following this, Khaenri’ah will be obliterated, and viewers will get their first genuine glimpse of the immense devastation that struck the region.

The final scene of the anime will be the opening sequence of Genshin Impact, which is also the point at which the game starts. As a result, the show is now considered a predecessor to the HoYoverse video game.

It was speculated by a number of fans that the anime would take place in a different chronology or present a new story about the Traveler; however, it appears that the anime will solely focus on events that occurred before the game.

A significant number of gamers are looking forward to witnessing major aspects of Genshin’s past that have never been revealed before. This contains the first time Xiao and Venti met, Zhongli’s tremendous triumph in Liyue, the fall of the Adepti, Raiden Makoto in battle, Venti and the unidentified bard, and a number of other events from the history of the planet of Teyvat. Specifically,

According to what has been made public, this brand-new series will present these situations with incredible animation and a fantastic narrative. The story of the Genshin Impact will be expanded upon significantly by the anime.

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