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Increase Assistance to Deal with the Crisis in Poor Countries: UN

In the coming days, the United Nations has appealed to increase the amount of help to combat the epidemic within the countries severely affected by the Coronavirus crisis. He appealed on Thursday to increase this assistance from $ 2 billion to $ 6.7 billion.

Mark Lockock, the head of the United Nations humanitarian agency, reiterated that the worst phase of the epidemic is unlikely to occur in the world’s poorest countries in three to six months. But said, there is evidence that income has been affected in these countries. Jobs are lost, food supply chains are affected, and prices are rising.

Children are unable to get vaccinations and are not getting food. The United Nations’ new appeal includes nine additional reserved countries – Benin, Djibouti, Liberia, Mozambique, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zimbabwe.

Lockock said, “In very poor countries we can already see the economy crumbling. If we do not take steps now, then conflict, hunger and poverty will increase in these countries. ‘

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