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In Busan, Korea, ‘avatar 2’ Producer Jon Landau Presents 15 Minutes of New Footage.

A sneak peek of James Cameron’s long-awaited mega-tentpole, Avatar: The Way of Water, was shown to a select group on Thursday during the Busan International Film Festival. The audience was invited to attend the festival.

After dishing out over $5 each (7,000 Korean won) to don 3-D glasses and attend the promotional event, a sizeable Korean audience was able to witness a 15-minute showreel of unique material from the Avatar sequel (tickets sold out almost immediately after they went on sale ahead of the festival).

Jon Landau, the lead producer of Avatar: The Way of Water, attended the event to display the footage and discuss some of the innovative technological processes that were employed in the making of the new movie.

Disney erected billboards advertising Avatar 2 all along the well-known Haeundae Beach in the city, as well as enormous sand sculptures on the beach itself. These billboards and sculptures featured the characters from the first movie, as well as some of the mythical sea creatures that appear in the sequel. This was done to communicate Disney’s ambition to completely dominate the Busan market.

In the teaser clip that was shown in Korea, Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, and Na’vi Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldaa, are seen again. The clip also shows beautiful shots of Pandora’s blue waters, both above and below the surface. The story takes place more than ten years after what happened in the last movie. The trailers show that the flying creatures from the first movie, Toruk, are back for the second one, along with new powerful whale-like creatures.

Cameron said that his next movie will show how marine ecosystems around the world are still being destroyed and are still in danger. He said this while he was in the theatre with a video hookup.

Even though the first movie was about carelessly strip-mining rainforests, the director said that his goal for the new sequel was to show how the marine ecosystem affects people. Cameron said that he was a certified diver and that his love for protecting the oceans made him want to make a movie about the world under the sea.

Landau was also at the special screening on Thursday. He said that the sequel was much more technically advanced than the 2009 movie because a team of VFX artists made groundbreaking underwater motion capture technology. Wednesday night, Landau and his wife went to the opening ceremony for Busan.

Landau and Cameron also said that they thought the movie would give people a chance to rethink what it means to have a “cinematic experience.”

Landau says that Avatar 2 shows “what a movie is all about.” We meant to show that it was time to go back into the theatre. As soon as the preview was over, people in Busan started to tweet about it.

A user named TailorContent tweeted in Korean, “There’s a reason why Director Cameron is so sure of himself! I was so excited when I saw the previews. During the scenes with CG and action, you can almost smell the money. The 18-minute movie that came out had a lot of underwater scenes, and the CG was very good. The Way of Water in Avatar is very exciting!

@opticron tweeted a quote from Landau’s talk along with a picture of Cameron that could be seen through a video link: “If the first movie tried to be “photographic,” the second one tried to be “photorealistic,” says John Landau, who is in charge of the franchise.

The original version of James Cameron’s Avatar was re-released in theatres on September 23 by Disney with enhanced image and sound in order to reacquaint fans all around the world with Cameron’s Pandora universe. With its rerelease, the film from 2009 continued to shatter box office records, raking in more than $15 million in North America and close to $40 million worldwide.

As of right now, Avengers: Endgame is in second place with a total worldwide box office receipts of $2.797 billion, following only Avatar’s lifetime total of approximately $2.9 billion in box office profits.

According to Cameron, Landau, and their Lightstorm Entertainment, together with 20th Century and Disney, Avatar 2 will most likely be available in a wide variety of formats to support the range of theatre installations. These formats will likely include the utilisation of 3D, 4K, and a rapid frame rate of 48 frames per second, among other things.

In Korea, the sequel will be screened in theatres that are equipped with the locally adapted Screen X and 4D formats. More than 13 million tickets were purchased for the debut of the first Avatar in the Korean market in the year 2009.

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