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I’m Reevaluating My Capacity for Love of Myself, Says Swarnamalya.

Actress Swarnamalya, who is well known for her appearances in Tamil blockbuster films like as ‘Alaipayuthey’ directed by Mani Ratnam and ‘Mozhi’ directed by Radha Mohan, has stated that she is attempting to be more kind to herself.

Swarnamalya, who is not only an experienced classical dancer but also a writer, took to Instagram to share her opinions, and she stated, “Being fair to oneself is a very important quality. I was born during a time when self-love was not valued as highly as it is today. But as I grew older, I entered an era in which “the self” is the focal point of existence.”

She also discussed the ongoing struggle she is having to overcome an injury that has impacted her greatly “Old habits die hard. Therefore, showing that I love myself requires constant work on my part. But because of an accident that has left me emotionally and physically tired, I am taking a fresh look at my capacity for loving myself in this time when I need it the most.”

In addition to this, she stated, “To tell you the truth, I still don’t know how, but I have wonderful people around me who are going to show me how. They claim that happiness, when shared, may double while grief can be cut in half. That is where I shall begin.”

She closed by saying, “I hope those of you out there who similarly struggle with self-love will find a small way to smile for yourself today.”

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