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I’m Keeping My Virginity for My Husband – Ashmushy


Ashmusy revealed that she has never had a sexual partner in a post that she published on Instagram on Tuesday. She also shared that she has no intention of having sexual relations till after she has tied the knot.She stated that she is pleased with herself for having maintained her pledge and expressed the hope that her future marriage will be worth the wait.

“I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t get married until I was a virgin. I am overjoyed that I have been able to keep that commitment. Ashmusy, who is also an actress and a brand influencer, wrote in a letter to her future husband, “Dear Future Hubby, I hope you are worth the wait.”

The comedian, who is 27 years old, purchased a mansion in March of this year.

Ashmusy Biography

Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy, is a comedian, online entrepreneur, social media influencer, content creator, and internet star who was born in Nigeria on July 25, 1995. He has over one million followers on Instagram.

Ashmusy Early Life, Education

Amarachi was born on July 25th, 1995 in Enugu State, Nigeria. He is a Nigerian citizen. She was born in the east and raised in Lagos State, despite the fact that she is a proud indigene of Obeagu Awkunanaw in Enugu and a resident of the east.

She received her primary and secondary education at the Good Learning School in Gbagada, Lagos State, and at the Federal Government College in Enugu State, respectively. After that, she enrolled at Madonna University in Elele the next year (2012) and received her degree in 2016.

Ashmusy Career

A comedic sketch producer at first, Ashmusy got his start as a content developer on Instagram. Additionally, she is a brand influencer in Nigeria for a number of different brands.

As a result of her participation in a number of comedy skits and the production of her own comedy series, Ashmusy rose to prominence.

As a brand influencer, she has collaborated with a wide variety of well-known companies, including Jennyglownigeria, among others.

She has collaborated with numerous well-known comedians and producers of internet material, including Brainjotter, Sydney Talker, Zicsaloma, and Twinz Love, amongst others.

Ashmusy is not only a musician but also a wealthy businessman. He is the owner of “Ashmusy Empire” and “Ashmusy hairs.”

Ashmusy Boyfriend, Personal Life

At the moment, Ashmusy does not have a significant other and is not involved in any romantic relationships. Additionally, Ashmusy has not yet tied the knot.

Ashmusy Net Worth

It is believed that Ashmusy has a net worth of 300 thousand dollars. She derives her money from a variety of sources. As a content developer, her profession provides for her financial needs. In addition to the money she makes from her other ventures, Ashmusy is frequently compensated for her work as an influencer for other brands.

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