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I Am Legend 2 Release Date: How The Sequel Will Follow The Alternate Ending?

I Am Legend 2 Release Date: Will Smith’s I Am Legend, which was based on the great 1954 sci-fi/horror book by Richard Matheson, was one of the biggest movies of 2007, making $585 million around the world.

Given how well I Am Legend did, it’s odd that one of the best horror movies, in which Smith played Dr. Robert Neville and fought Darkseekers, vampires that looked like zombies, never got a sequel…until now.

Before Smith’s return to fight zombies, we’ve put together everything you need to know about one of the most exciting new movies coming out soon. We’ve found out everything about the release date, cast, story, and more.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

I Am Legend 2 probably won’t come out until after late 2025, since the movie is still being made. However, there isn’t an official release date yet.

The news of I Am Legend 2 came out in 2022. However, the early steps of development have been slowed down because strikes forced screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to stop working on the script. Goldsman wrote the script for the first I Am Legend and the Star Trek series Strange New Worlds.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

But now that the 2023 Writers Strikes are over, the movie is moving quickly forward. Fans learned in December 2023 that Smith had already been sent the first draft of the new story.

Speculation About the I Am Legend 2 Cast

Will Smith will be back to lead the cast of I Am Legend 2 as Robert Neville, a military scientist. We couldn’t have an “I Am Legend” movie without the main character, right?

We don’t know much else besides that one name: Creed star Michael B. Jordan has also been cast in an unknown part. As always, he shines on screen, and we can’t wait to see what he can do in this follow-up.

This is who is likely to be in I Am Legend 2:

  • Will Smith as Robert Neville
  • Michael B. Jordan as TBC
  • Alice Braga as Anna

Once the script is finished, more hiring news should start to come in, and we’ll be here to bring you all the latest.

What is the Story of I Am Legend 2?

The story of I Am Legend 2 will happen many years after the events of the first movie. However, the ending of the 2007 movie, in which Robert gave his life to kill the mutants, will be changed to match the ending of the book.

That does seem very confusing. But let’s keep going. Robert learns that the monsters aren’t crazy killing machines in the “new” ending that will lead into I Am Legend 2. They are just trying to save one of their own because Robert has been using them as a test subject while he looks for a fix.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

In this ending, Robert finds out that the infected thought he was bad. Yeah, that’s a good idea for a sequel. It would make for a much better finish, too. That makes you want to read the book too.

Since I Am Legend 2 will be more true to the book, we know that the new movie might give us a better look into all the different infected cultures. The monsters in the 2007 movie were not the same as the ones in the book.

Not like the Darkseekers in the movie, the vampires in Matheson’s book are very similar to humans. We’re interested to see if the new movie stays true to the original monsters. In this movie, we learn more about their society and how they see Robert as a whole.

I Am Legend 2 Trailer

We’re sorry, but there isn’t an I Am Legend 2 video yet, and we don’t think there will be one until a lot closer to the movie’s release date.

Also, we don’t have any new footage to look forward to yet because shooting hasn’t started. Not to worry, though—there’s plenty to keep us busy until the first glimpse.

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I Am Legend 2, a sequel to Will Smith’s 2007 horror film, is set to release in late 2025. The movie is still being developed, with the cast including Will Smith as Robert Neville and Michael B. Jordan as TBC.

The story follows Robert as he saves a mutant from being killed by the monsters, who are not crazy killing machines. The sequel is expected to provide a better understanding of the different infected cultures and the characters’ society. No official release date or trailer have been announced yet, but there is plenty to keep fans busy.

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