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Hunter Biden Case: Biden’s Laptop Becomes Subject of Controversy in Ongoing Paternity Case!

hunter biden case

Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, appeared in court in Arkansas on Monday as part of an acrimonious dispute with the mother of his 4-year-old child over his request to reduce his child support payments.

The proceedings have addressed many of the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden, including his foreign business dealings, which House Republicans and federal investigators have scrutinized closely.

Lunden Roberts, the mother of the child, has accused Mr Biden of ignoring court orders to provide financial information and has asked a judge to declare him in contempt and imprison him until he complies. Ms Roberts has been accused of engaging in “political warfare” against Mr Biden and his family by one of Mr Biden’s attorneys.

Republicans are keenly monitoring the case. In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Representative James Comer of Kentucky, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, stated that the proceedings have the “potential to be very helpful” in revealing Mr Biden’s income from the sale of his artwork and whether he has offshore accounts.

Hunter Biden Case

Ms Roberts, a resident of Arkansas, filed court documents in May 2019 stating that she and Mr Biden had been in a relationship and that she had given birth to a child in August 2018. She requested that the court establish paternity, confirm that Mr Biden was the father, and order him to pay child support.

Mr Biden wrote in his memoir that he had “no recollection” of his encounter with Ms Roberts and that he had engaged in “rampages” with women following his contentious divorce from Kathleen Buhle in 2017. Their relationship deteriorated as his drug and alcohol addiction issues intensified.

DNA Testing in 2019 Determined That Mr Biden Was the Father of Ms Robert’s Child

According to court documents, DNA testing in 2019 determined that Mr Biden was the father of Ms Robert’s child, and he was ordered to pay child support commencing in 2020. Finally, the matter was closed. The child’s identity was withheld from court documents.

Mr Biden’s attorney filed a motion in September 2022 asking the court to recalculate his payments, citing a “substantial material change” in his financial circumstances, including his income.

The attorneys for Ms Roberts requested more information about Mr Biden’s finances, citing evidence of his “well-established history of a lavish lifestyle.”

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In court filings, they indicated that they wanted a list of his residences over the past ten years and the cars he had owned or driven over the past five years, as well as information about the money he had paid or received from his uncle James Biden, whose business dealings have also been scrutinized by House Republicans.

In court filings, Ms Roberts’s attorneys also referenced Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company that became a flashpoint in his father’s 2020 campaign against President Donald J. Trump and helped spark the events that led to Mr Trump’s first impeachment. In addition, they noted that Mr Biden has been the subject of a federal investigation.

The Justice Department has investigated, among other things, Mr Biden’s international business dealings, his tax returns, and whether he lied on a federal form he filled out in 2018 to purchase a handgun, in which he claimed he was not using narcotics at the time.

Ms Roberts petitioned the court in December to alter the child’s surname to Biden, which, according to her attorneys, is “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially astute, and politically powerful.”

Her attorneys wrote that Hunter Biden, President Biden, Jill Biden, the first lady, and other Biden family members “remain estranged” from the child and that adopting the Biden name would make the child “world-famous” as a member of the “prestigious Biden family.”

Hunter Biden is Against the Proposal

Hunter Biden is against the proposal. Brent Langdon, one of his attorneys, wrote that Ms Roberts had not demonstrated that it would be in the child’s best interests and that the request was inconsistent with “derogatory remarks” she has made about the Bidens in her court filings.

Mr Langdon wrote, “The child should have the opportunity to provide input when the Biden name is not at its lowest point.” “The notoriety would without a doubt rob this child of a peaceful existence.”

Mr Langdon has accused Ms Roberts of attempting to overturn protective orders that she had previously requested in the best interests of the child, stating in a legal filing that her desire to shield information about the case has “dissipated in the interest of political warfare” against Mr Biden and his family.

The attorneys for Ms Roberts, Clint Lancaster and Jennifer Lancaster, have accused Hunter Biden of disobeying court orders to provide financial information, claiming that he was “playing games” with the court.

Last month, they requested that Mr Biden be jailed in Cleburne County, Arkansas, “until he complies with this court’s orders and answers discovery,” according to court documents. Alternately, they requested that the court “sanction” Mr Biden.

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Judge Holly Meyer of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit in Arkansas did not immediately rule on the request during the hearing on Monday. CNN reported that she stated Mr Biden would be required to answer questions under oath in June and criticized his attorneys for withholding more information than necessary from their filings.

CNN reported that one of Mr Biden’s attorneys, Abbe D. Lowell, disclosed during the hearing that Mr Biden had been paying $20,000 per month in child support, totalling $750,000.

On the website of their law firm, the Lancasters identify themselves as “active Republicans who believe in free, fair, open, honest, and transparent elections.”

Lancasters Collaborated With Mr Trump’s Legal Team in Wisconsin

According to their website, the Lancasters collaborated with Mr Trump’s legal team in Wisconsin following the 2020 presidential election, when Mr Trump’s attorneys unsuccessfully attempted to invalidate more than 200,000 ballots cast in two Democratic strongholds in the state. President Biden won Wisconsin by a margin of over 20,000 ballots.

Garrett Ziegler, a former Trump administration aide who claims to have investigated the Biden family, including examining a laptop that Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware repair shop, is one of the expert witnesses they intend to summon. Mr Ziegler went on a misogynistic tirade during a live stream last year after refusing to answer questions during an interview with the committee investigating the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Recently, Mr Biden has added Mr Lowell to his legal staff. He is one of the most prominent trial attorneys in the country and has represented numerous prominent Democrats and Republicans, including Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Additionally, he has represented Hunter Biden in Republican congressional investigations.

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