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How to Use Chunkbase in Bedrock Minecraft?

Minecraft’s map is one of the most expansive and detailed in-game histories. A mapping and navigation system must be in place to assist newbies in navigating the game’s enormous sandbox universe.

Chunkbase is one of many third-party applications, mods, and websites that attempt to implement a mini-map or other type of mapping system in Minecraft.

Chunkbase is a Minecraft “tool” that may be obtained on the internet. Because of this functionality, any seed that the player plants can be used to locate specific biomes or constructions. When entering a seed into Chunkbase, users must specify the game version and world type.

Chunkbase supports Minecraft versions beginning with Java Edition 1.7 and ending with Bedrock Edition 1.14. It also offers the ability to explore the nether and discover structures and biomes using the exact coordinates of their location. The seed map has a compass in the top-left corner to assist players in navigating the globe.


We’ll show you how to use chunk bases to find distinct Minecraft biomes in the seed in this article. Chunk foundation offers other characteristics in addition to the seed map and its structure and biome-locating functionalities. Mods can be downloaded for personal use from the website, and there are also various tutorials covering everything from the fundamentals of village management to building an automated slime farm.

How to Use Chunkbase in Bedrock Minecraft

In order to generate a map of the world in Chunkbase, you will need to enter the “Seed of the World” first. The whole Minecraft world is generated from scratch with the help of a seed, which is a string of letters or numbers. After the world has finished loading, navigate to the Settings menu and check your seed.

  • Biomes of The Caverns
  • Slime Chunks
  • Dungeon
  • Stronghold
  • Mansion \s Monument
  • Pillager’s Base of Operations
  • Mineshaft
  • Ruined Jungle Temple in The Portal
  • Temple in The Desert

It Is Made Extremely Straightforward to Locate Each and Every One of Those Items Using Chunkbase. Utilize the Seed Map Tool in Order to View All of the Features on a Single Map. You are able to use other applications on the Chunkbase website in order to search for a particular category of structure or ecosystem.

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