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How to Stay Healthy and Sharp at the Age of 60, 70, 80

Elderly people who had stronger brain connectivity showed a decreased occurrence of dementia. 

In this day and age even with the help of our advanced medical facilities, it is rare to see someone who has crossed 100 years of age. Keeping Physical or mental well-being apart, just the fact that someone has completed a century in life is considered an achievement in itself. But, still, there are some people who even after completing 100 years are quite sharp mentally. You may think about how is that possible. Well, science has the answer.

Australian neuroscientists recently observed the brain characteristics of some centenaries that were free of dementia and found something quite interesting.

The researchers found that those people who had stronger left brain right brain connectivity were less prone to suffer from dementia.

Researchers were quite excited about the finding as the study can reveal the secrets of healthy aging and can be helpful in minimizing the occurrence of age-related mental illnesses like dementia. Also, the further understanding of the brain process that adapts according to age can also be helpful.

Now the research did not say anything about the kind of activity that would be beneficial to boost the left brain right brain connectivity but earlier research can point us in that direction.

The research suggests that any kind of low impact exercise or activity for example walking can be helpful in improving the left brain’s right brain connectivity.

Future research is needed to understand the mechanism as to why exercise has this impact on left brain right brain connectivity.

So, there you have it. If you want to protect your mental capacity well into your old age (provided that you do live up to 100 years), you can protect your brain with a simple exercise like walking. I hope it motivates you to get up from that couch and move.

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