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How to Record Whatsapp Audio/Video call in Android or iPhone Automatically

Nowadays it is easy to record phone calls. The recording feature is provided in new smartphones. Smartphones do not have this feature. Can download apps in it.

However, now the trend of WhatsApp calls has become more popular, people make WhatsApp calls instead of phone calls. If you want to record the call made through WhatsApp, then there are also ways.

How to Record WhatsApp call on iPhone

WhatsApp on Android has two ways to record audio calls and one for iPhone. However, both of these methods are not for all devices.

Calls can be recorded using this only on select devices. For these methods, you have to follow different steps, which are explained below. We would advise you to inform the person about this before recording the calls and take his permission.

How to Record WhatsApp call on iPhone without App

You will need a MacBook to record WhatsApp calls to the iPhone. After this, you have to connect your iPhone to MacBook with the help of a cable.

It will have to open Quicktime. Now go to the file and tap on the new audio recording. After doing this, you have to go to the arrow mark going down near the record button. Then you have to select the iPhone. Now tap on the record button.

How to Save WhatsApp call in iPhone

Now the person whose WhatsApp calls you want to record, call him through iPhone. After the call is disconnected, go to Quick Time and tap on Stop Recording and save it in a Macbook file.

How to record WhatsApp call on Android Phone

Android users have to download the cube call recorder to record WhatsApp audio calls.

Switch to WhatsApp after installing it. After this, apply WhatsApp call to the person to record.

If the light in the cube call recorder lights up while talking, it means that it is working.

If an error is coming, go to its settings and tap on Force VoIP call as a voice call.

How to Use SCR Screen Recorder App

If the error is still visible then it means that it is not supporting your smartphone.

Apart from this, you can adopt another method. For this, you have to root your smartphone.

After this, the SCR Screen Recorder app has to be downloaded. With this, you can record both audio and video calls.

Please tell that rooting the smartphone may harm it. So do it thoughtfully.

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