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How to Profit From Shorting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Can you short bitcoin-If you believe that you can only earn money in crypto while the market is rising, you may be mistaken. This indicates that you are unfamiliar with the notion of shorting. When the market falls, you may profit by shorting it.

So, if you think Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency will fail in the near future, shorting it may be a good option.

Is it, however, that simple? So, before you make your first cryptocurrency shorting trade, let’s go through how it works and the logic behind it.

Can You Short Bitcoin?

Shorting is the practise of purchasing Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency at a high price and then selling it at a lower price.

Most traders prefer to purchase cryptocurrency at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. When it comes to short, though, you just must do the opposite.

To enter a short position, you’ll need to borrow cryptocurrency and sell them at the current market price on an exchange. Then you’ll have to go back and buy the cryptocurrency and refund the money you borrowed.

You benefit on the difference between the selling and purchasing prices if the price reduces when it’s time to refund your funds.

can you short bitcoin

However, here is an example to help you understand:

  1. We’re going to short 10 Bitcoins in this scenario. Each Bitcoin is currently worth $60,000 on the market, totaling $6,000,000.
  2. We’ll need to borrow 10 Bitcoins from our broker at the present market price to complete this deal.
  3. The market has now moved in the direction we predicted, with the price of a single Bitcoin falling to $50,000, resulting in a total of $5,000,000.
  4. As a result, we purchase at market pricing and then refund the cash to our broker.
  5. Let’s do the math: Profit ($1,00,000) = Previous Market Price ($6,00,000) – Current Market Price ($5,00,000). This is the amount you’ll record as a profit.

In a nutshell, shorting is the polar opposite of going long. When you foresee a currency’s value to fall, the shorting notion comes in useful. When you know the market price will rise, on the other side, you should go long.

However, you should be aware that shorting has dangers. As a result, if the market does not behave as planned, you may be forced to purchase a currency at a higher price in order to repay your broker.

How to Make a Bitcoin Profit?

Numerous methods of shorting Bitcoin or different sorts of short trading strategies are now available. The following are a few well-known examples:

Trading on Margin

The simplest option is supposed to be margin trading. Margin trading is supported by a number of crypto exchanges, including Binance Futures, FTX, and Phemex. In this style of trading, you borrow crypto from a broker to execute a deal.

You should also be aware that margin entails borrowing or leveraging funds. This implies that it will not only boost your earnings, but will also raise your losses.

Typically, the broker will provide you a proportion of the money that you may borrow from the exchange and use for trading. You’ll also have to refund the money you borrowed and settle the transaction after a certain number of days.

can you short bitcoin


Bitcoin, like every other asset, has a future market. You acquire securities using a contract in a futures trading. The contract stipulates when the security will be sold and at what price. When you buy a futures contract, you’re wagering that the security’s price will rise. As a result, you may expect a solid return on your investment.

If, on the other hand, you feel that the value of Bitcoin will fall in the near future. Following that, you’ll need to buy contracts that bet on a lower bitcoin price.

Simply put, shorting futures is agreeing to sell a contract at a lower price. It also has the advantage of allowing new traders to enter the market with a little initial deposit.


Contract for Differences (CFD) is an acronym meaning contract for differences. It is a financial technique in which money is paid out for settlement depending on the price difference between open and closing prices.

It’s comparable to Bitcoin futures in principle. They are wagering on the price of cryptocurrency. As a result, when you buy a CFD, you’re betting on the price of Bitcoin falling. As a result, you’re shorting Bitcoin.

If Bitcoin is selling at $60,000, for example, you would short sell it and liquidate your position when the price reaches $55,000. So you earned a $5000 profit.

In addition, unlike Bitcoin futures, CFDs feature a variable settlement period.

Binary Options are a type of option in which you

Shorting Bitcoin may also be done with binary options. The call and put options are a well-known concept in which you must use an escrow or other services to execute a put order. Even if the market price declines later, your aim is to sell the currency at today’s price.

Binary options are available on numerous offshore markets. However, it comes at a steep cost and is fraught with danger.

The biggest benefit, though, is that you may minimise your losses by not selling your put options. As a result, you are simply losing the money you invested to create a put order.

Overall, it is a low-risk, short-term contract trading style. It may go one of two ways. The first result is that you make a profit that you have set. Alternatively, you risk losing the money you invested in the deal.

Market Prediction

There’s also the market for making predictions. This is quite comparable to what you’d see in the mainstream marketplaces. You can place a wager depending on the result of an event as a trader. You must forecast that the price of Bitcoin will fall by a specified amount or percentage. If somebody takes up residence in the bed, you will profit if your forecast is correct.

Or, to put it another way, when you initiate a prediction market shorting transaction, you’re wagering that the crypto’s value will fall. There is no need to borrow money from others. You take your winnings home if your wager strikes the bullseye.

can you short bitcoin

The Benefits and Risks of Cryptocurrency Shorting

Short selling may appear to be a simple process. However, you should be aware that it has a significant level of risk if the market does not perform as expected. But if it works, you may make a lot of money. However, to help you understand the crypto market better, below are some dangers and rewards:


  • You may risk indefinite losses if you do not conduct thorough market research.
  • To begin selling short, you’ll need a margin account.
  • Short selling generates margin interest.


  • Shorting gives you a wonderful chance to make a lot of money.
  • It only takes a small amount of money to get started.
  • You may be able to leverage your assets by shorting.

That was all there was to it when it came to shorting Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. The only thing I would add is that you should only go short if you are certain the market will fall. So be patient and wait for the appropriate signals. Also, in the beginning, trade with a modest margin to avoid large losses.


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