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How to get Whatsapp Payment Facility in India, learn how to set up an Account

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp has got permission to launch a payment service in India. After a long wait, the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has given the green signal to WhatsApp.

Now it will be easy for WhatsApp users to pay. They will not need any other app for this. They will be able to pay through WhatsApp. The company was testing it in India for more than a year.

When will WhatsApp payment service launch?

According to the company, the payment facility will be available to users by the end of this year. However, initially, it will be for only 20 million WhatsApp users in India. This instant messaging app has more than 400 million users in India.

During its testing in India, many users had the opportunity to avail of the payment service. For this, information has been given by releasing press releases from NCPI.

No fees to be paid for this facility – Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg says that users do not have to pay fees to avail of WhatsApp payment service. This facility will be completely free.

Significantly, Facebook is a proprietary company of WhatsApp. He also informed that more than 140 banks will be added to this service. This facility will be available in 10 Indian regional languages. Now users will also be able to pay easily like a message.

How to use Whatsapp Payment?

After getting this facility, users can easily use it. For this, they must first go to WhatsApp and select the three points on the right side.

Many of the options given here will have an option payment. Go to it and tap on the ‘Add Payment Method’. Now a list of all banks will appear. After selecting the bank, the user’s mobile number will be verified. For this, go to ‘Verify by Message’.

How to set Whatsapp Payment UPI PIN

Keep in mind that the WhatsApp number should be the same, which is linked to the bank account. After the mobile number is verified, like other payment apps, a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) PIN will also have to be set on it. Without this, no transaction will be possible.

How to send money by Whatsapp Payment?

After sending an account, to send money, the user has to open the chat of the contact who has to pay. After that, the attachment option has to be selected. Contact, photos and videos as well as payment options will be visible here.

Tap on it and send the money that the user has to add. They will also be able to write a message. Then the user will be able to pay by entering the UPI PIN. After this, they will also receive a confirmation message.

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